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Southern Route Coordinator News – November, 2020 Part 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone read the RFTW President’s Newsletter, it is very inspiring.  If you have not yet, just do not forget. 

I am not sure how everyone else feels, but as for me I am beyond ready to say good riddance to 2020 (and its friend the pandemic) and Welcome to Run For The Wall 2021. 

Any day now the FDA should approve and release at least the first of two 95+% effective vaccines.  I urge ALL of you to consult with your Primary Care Provider about getting it.  You owe it to yourself, your Family, your Friends and your RFTW Brothers and Sisters to consider being vaccinated.  The sooner the “numbers” come down the sooner we can ALL get back on track. 

The Run For The Wall Board of Directors, Route Coordinators and State Coordinators are steadfastly committed to our 2021 Mission.   I know that I have said this before, but it bears repeating.   I am asking everyone to “Be Patient”, situations change almost daily.  Please do all that you can do to help the cause.   Together we WILL get through this.

Diane and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – November, 2020 Part 1

Greetings from a cold & snowy Winter day in the Nevada High Desert,

As you can see from the picture below Winter is here.  It’s hard to believe that Tuesday it was sunny and 70 degrees and today we probably won’t see 30.  Seems amazing how things can change in just a few days.

Enough about that, it is Run For The Wall planning season.   We here on Southern Route are busy preparing for the 2021 Run.  We hope to keep changes to a minimum, but I know that the Southern Route Riders are an adaptable bunch.  As of right now, our basic route will not change, and our overnight stops will be the same as planned for 2020.   Our wonderful State Coordinators are working on hotels and organizing our vast support network, to make 2021 a success.  If you see or hear anything that may affect the Southern Route, please share it with the appropriate State Coordinator, Kris Wood or myself.   Their contact information can be found on the RFTW website, Southern Route Hub, SR Contacts .

I have gotten some emails from riders wanting to volunteer their service to the 2021 Run.  I applaud the spirit.  There are very few openings, but most Team Leaders are adding riders to their Standby List. Feel free to contact them directly, we will not open the Online Volunteer Signup.  You can check the link above to see current openings and Team Lead contact information.  Note: You cannot volunteer to be an Ambassador.

Wednesday November 11th is Veterans Day.  Take the time to give that old Veteran buddy of yours a call just to see how they are doing.  Never Forget who gave us our Freedom.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – October, 2020 Part 2

Applications are now being accepted

We are planning to change the way we assign riders to our Memorial Outreaches.  In past years we have assigned platoon(s) to each memorial.  We may still send a platoon to some but would rather send volunteers on a signup basis.  Riders will be able to sign up as soon as the outreach schedule is published

With that in mind we are looking for an Outreach Coordinator for Memorials and an Assistant.  The ideal candidates would have to meet some basic requirements and possess a “certain set of skills”. 

The Requirements are:

  • Ride a 2 or 3-wheel motorcycle without a trailer, equipped with a working mounted CB radio  
  • Have ridden All The Way on Southern Route at least 2 times
  • Have Platoon Leadership or equivalent experience.  The Coordinator will be the lead of the outreach group

Skills needed:

  • Leadership, have knowledge of the outreach routes, work with the assigned Road Guards, be on time.
  • Organizational, you must keep track of the volunteers for each outreach and make sure they are aware of when and where they need to be.
  • Communication, know the significance of the memorial, brief the riders and be available to brief the entire Route at the morning Riders’ Meeting.

If you feel up to the challenge, please send me a bio ( ) showcasing your Skills, RFTW history and other pertinent information you would like to have considered.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – October, 2020 Part 1

Greetings All,

Well we made it to October, in a couple of months we can say a fond farewell to 2020.  I don’t know of anyone who will be sad to see it go.  Our State Coordinators are working hard to recoup from the adverse effects we suffered through this year Currently some of our folks are dealing with yet a second major hurricane in 6 weeks.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all that are in its path.

Kerrville TX Riders Reunion, sorry if you missed it. Great weather, Great Rides, Record attendance, Dinner, Raffle and Auction were “off the hook”.  A Million Thanks to Cowboy, Sam, and her Minions for putting this together.  I would be remiss if I didn’t Thank Gunny for doing such an awesome job as auctioneer. We are already looking forward to the 2021 Reunions.  F-Stop took over 1000 pictures and several more have posted pics on Facebook.  Please check them out.

Looking forward, Southern Route 2021 is taking shape.  We have plenty of questions but only few answers at this point.  I am asking everyone to be patient.  Results may take longer to develop than usual. Please follow the Route Coordinators Newsletters and check the website for the latest information.

Together, WE WILL Get Through This. #RFTW Strong

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Southern Route Coordinator News – September, 2020 Part 2

Hello RFTW Family,

Reminder 1. We are only a little more than a week away from the Kerrville, TX; ALL Riders Reunion, September 25-27, 2020. There is still time to make plan. Looks like Cowboy and Sam have put together a couple of great day rides. There will ne a riders meeting Saturday afternoon, with a Q&A session.

Reminder 2. Now more than ever many of us are shopping a lot from home. If you shop from Amazon, remember to sign up and log in through Amazon SMILE and select Run For the Wall as your designated charity. Amazon donated a percentage of your eligible purchase to RFTW. It costs you Zero, Zip, Nada.

Reminder 3. Stay Positive. No doubt these are trying times for ALL of us. We will get through 2020 together and look forward to RFTW XXXII in 2021. We will never surrender……….

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Southern Route Coordinator News – September, 2020

Greetings ALL from a HOT and Smoky Northern Nevada,

For those who have not heard, Barnett’s Harley-Davidson dealership in Las Cruces, NM will close its doors effective at the end of this month.  We always get such a warm welcome from them and the Las Cruces community.   I have heard countless stories of how they kept many of our Southern Route (SR) riders on the road.  Rest assured that your SR Leadership is working hard to find an alternate venue. 

Between the pandemic and government restrictions causing economic hardships, tough business decisions have to be made.  Large and small businesses are forced to scale down just to remain viable.  We may face even more challenges as we prepare for RFTW XXXII. 

I have urged all of our State Coordinators to keep vigilant for business closures or local restrictions which may impact the Southern Route. 

Without our dedicated State Coordinators (SC), we would not get one mile down the road.   Every Fuel Stop, Donated Meal, Hotel List contract, collaboration with State and Local agencies are all organized by them.  Most of their work starts well in advance of the Run, and sometimes making final adjustments until we arrive.  Our SCs mostly stay behind the scenes so you may not even know their names.  Some have been with SR since its beginning.   Our SCs wear brown hats, maybe they should be gold.  When you see them, please Thank them.  I have listed their names and contact information below, it is also located on our contacts page.  As you can see some have assistants, if you feel compelled to step up for one of the assistant positions near where you live on the SR., please send me your information for consideration.

  • I hope to see as many of you, as can make it, in Kerrville for the
  • September 24-27, 2020

Keep Safe and Stay Healthy.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – August 2020

Greetings Everyone, from the high desert of Northern Nevada:

With all of the pandemic bad news and the cancelling of the Angel Fire Reunion, comes some good news.  The TX RIDERS REUNION FOR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE RIDERS a.k.a. The Kerrville Reunion is still a GO and there is still time to register but, time is running out. 

When: September 24-27, 2020

Where: Host Hotel is the Y.O. Ranch Hotel 2033 Sidney Baker St, Kerrville, TX 78028  Room rates per night: Single/double/Triple/quad rate $99.00 + tax
code for making phone reservations: Ask for the RFTW – Veterans group rate
Block of rooms will be held until 12 noon 8/19/2020
Phone: 877-967-3767 To check out the hotel amenities & accommodations go to

For those needing RV accommodations:
•Kerrville-Schreiner Park 830-257-5392 (closest to the hotel, city park, call for reservations)
•Buckhorn off I-10 800-568-6458

What: There will be a Swap Table set up where you can swap, trade, or give away items.  Typically, you will find patches, pins, books, and stickers, etc.

Bringing item to donate for the Raffle and Auction is much appreciated.  Bring Cash or your Checkbook for the Auction. You just might find something that you Must Have.   ALL Monies raised will be going to a very good cause.

Side Notes:

  • Anyone desiring to be a “Roast” presenter, MUST send their request to Cowboy to be added to the list.
  • A Daily Agenda will be posted in about two weeks on Facebook under TX RIDERS REUNION and under the same heading on the RFTW Forum
  • As of now Masks / Face Coverings are required to enter businesses in Texas.  Use of Common Sense is encouraged.  We do not want RFTW Riders to be shown in a bad light, nor do we want anyone to jeopardize their personal SafetyStay tuned for further announcements on this subject.

Friday – Arrival day is open for those interested in the Friday ride KSU YO 0900 or catching up with friends. Dinner at VFW post 1480 reasonably priced $9.00 Serving at 6pm. Pay at VFW

Saturday morning /afternoon –Breakfast at VFW Post 1480 $9.00 Pay at VFW. Serving at 8am in time for ride. KSU 0900 at VFW. RC/BoD Q&A 1600 YO Resort Hotel

Saturday evening – A buffet dinner is being served in a private room for the group. The dinner will include a selection of meats, coffee, and tea service. Adult beverages will be available at a cash bar in the banquet room.

Sunday morning is open for breakfast and coffee with friends before heading home.

Saturday’s dinner and a RFTW 2020 Reunion rocker are included in the non-refundable registration fee. For first-timers to RFTW Reunion, a reunion patch is included.

HOW: Registration cost: Now until September 15 – $35.00 Cash, Check or M.O. NO PayPal or Credit Card
Registration cost: September 15 – September 24 – $50.00
Deadline for the post marked registration is September 21st paid in advance. The deadline is required by the hotel to confirm head count for Saturday’s dinner. Prior registration and payment are required.

(Please print clearly)
Road name(s)____________________________________________________________
Number of Attendees:______________
Full Address:______________________________________________________________________
Email:____________________________ Phone:______________________________
First time attendee Yes_______ No_______
Friday evening dinner at VFW Yes______No_____
Saturday Breakfast VFW Yes____No______

Send checks payable to: R.W. Mead 120 Ridge Grove Rd Kerrville TX 78028 For more info, contact Sam or Cowboy at: cell: 830-928-6634 or 915-422-5547
An email receipt will be set upon payment. The email receipt will be your dinner ticket/confirmation.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – July 2020

Greetings from across the Country,

By the time this is posted, Diane and I will have returned from our cross-country trip (by cage) to Myrtle Beach, SC.  As we approach the end of July, I look back at this month to see nothing is as usual.  We should be making final preparations for the Angel Fire Reunion.  But due to restrictions in New Mexico, the reunion was cancelled.  We can’t let the circumstances squelch our Spirit.

The good news is that the Kerrville, TX All-Riders Reunion is still a go September 25-27.  There is still time to register and book a room at the Y-O Resort.  Please check the RFTW website for additional information.

Registration for Run For The Wall 2021, will open on August 1st, 2020.  If you registered for 2020’s Run, you are already registered for 2021.  With that said, you may need to update your registration information.  Especially if you will not be able to make next year’s Run.  There will be a Contact Link labeled “RFTW 2021-Registration Revisions”.  Any and all registration changes need to be noted so that our database is up to date.

Remember that riding skills need to be practiced, so get out and ride when you can.  Check for local groups or RFTW riders in your area. 

All dated merchandise on the RFTW Shop is 50% – 70% OFF and FREE Shipping on orders over $50.00.  Now is the time to stock up.

Until next time, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – June Part 2

Our Run For The Wall nationwide community is a huge part of a successful Mission.  Their support in the way of meals, fuel and generous hospitality enables many of us to afford to go on the RFTW Southern Route.   Funding for our Educational Grant program comes from the generosity of our riders.  By supporting the raffles, donations and ordering the 20th Anniversary t-shirts you helped to make this possible.  This year were able to fulfill our intent to continue our educational support despite the Run being cancelled.  $3,000 each was granted to Spiller Elementary School, Montvale Elementary School and Colorado City Middle School.  In addition, $1,000 each was granted to the winners of our Essay Competition.   These grants went to graduating high school seniors from Liberty High School, George Wythe High School and Dubiski Career High School.  I would like to add a Special Thanks to Gwynne “Lady Bug” Dunlap, Southern Route Educational Grant Coordinator for her tireless work administering this program.

Because of the complications brought on by the current pandemic, making the presentations became quite a challenge.  It was only accomplished by the dedication of the RFTW riders.  Big Thank You goes to David “Buzz” Mullin and Billie “Bugs” Dunlap for Haulin’ the Mail in Texas.  And a Special Shout-out to Trent “The Mayor” Crewe and Chris DiYorio for “Taking Care of Business” for us in Virginia, braving high seas to complete the Mission.  I don’t want to forget ALL of the riders who participated and made these presentations Very Special Events, just look at the smiles in the pictures below.  Believe me, there are SMILES under those masks.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – Special

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of one of Run For The Wall’s and especially Southern Route’s biggest fans.  Margie Green was escorted by angels as she slept on June 19th.   Margie was a perennial supporter at our Piggly Wiggly stop in Ashville, Alabama.  Always ready with a smile and a hug.  The hug line would start as soon as the first bikes staged.  One year, as we arrived, it began to rain.  I don’t think she cared how wet she might get. I offered her an umbrella; she would have none of that.  As an avid user of social media, she would never forget to wish you a Happy Birthday or whatever the occasion may be.  I remember several lengthy messenger conversations, including one in May where we talked about not being able to see us this year. There has been an outpouring of tributes for Margie on our Facebook page and additional information about services for her. 

I think I speak for all of us, Margie we Love you and we Miss you and we will Never Forget you.  Rest in Peace, My Dear Friend.