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Day 5-Grand Prairie, TX – Monroe, LA ☀️Picture perfect day until 🌧

Today Platoons 2 & 3 and the Ambassador Team went on an outreach to The Texas State Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Dallas Fair Park, Dallas, TX. Since I am in Platoon 2, I was on the outreach and not with the pack.

We joined up with the pack in Terrell, Texas, a wonderful stop with the locals showing support for the riders.

Onto lunch at Longview Fairgrounds. This is a great stop, more homemade sandwiches, hundreds and hundreds of them.

Every year J.P. Brimm and his wife Patsy Primm provide the entertainment and it is fantastic!

After Longview we crossed the state line into Louisiana and with that come the Louisiana State Motor Officers. It is so enjoyable to watch them work. Racing up and down the highway, controlling traffic and doing their thing. Tomorrow morning they should perform a riding exhibition. I will share the video tomorrow. RC, Chad O’Dell, “Slacker” Thanked the motor officers for escorting us safely through Louisiana.

Today was an easy riding day. There was quite a contrast between the Texas dry desert and the lush green trees and grass of Louisiana. I for one welcomed the change. Every once in a while you would get a whiff of flowers or grass, very different from the smell of oil in the Texas Permian Basin. I welcomed that change too. The temperature finally cooled down, there was a little cloud cover and sprinkles every now and then. Until we were 10 miles from target, then the heavens opened up and dumped on us. It was nice though. Pulled into the Shriner’s Hall and had a nice dinner and program and off to the hotel.

Walking into the hotel I noticed “Dragon” holding a clean pair of socks and jeans, GUESS WHAT??? Tomorrow is clean jeans day. The folks at Meridian Agi-pavilion take in rider’s dirty laundry and return it clean in the morning. The kindest, selfless service EVER! I can’t wait for clean jeans!

We have been picking up riders steadily everyday. It is fun to watch the new riders being welcomed into the platoons by the more seasoned riders. Run for the Wall is truly a family where everyone is welcomed and loved.

Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi, woohoo! Day 5: 1,762 miles travelled, only 1,209 left to go.

Let’s close tonight’s sit-rep with this thought:

“Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man (or woman)” Thomas Tusser

Good Night and God Bless all our riders,be safe out there.