President’s Message – September 2018

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The Board of Directors met in early August and were briefed by the Route Coordinators on how the planning process was proceeding. Most of the leadership positions have been filled, but the process is still not complete. Midway Route had five vacancies in State Coordinator positions at that time, however all of these positions have now been filled, and all … Read More

Central Route Coordinator News – Sept 2018

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G’Day, Just back from a great weekend at Angel Fire NM, I always think of this special place as the spiritual home of the Central Route. There were riders from all Routes helping place the bricks. We laid 580 + bricks, the most that we have ever laid and the last brick laid was for John McCain, it was very … Read More

Day 9, Nitro to Lewisburg, WV, 5/24/18

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Day 9, Nitro to Williamsburg WV.  5/24/18 I wanted to go back to yesterday which would place us in Nitro last night. 5/23 We were at the Nitro presentation when the song by Lee Greenwood, I am proud to be an American, was played. The song had barely started when seemingly the entire front half of the people around the “stage” … Read More