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Midway Route Coordinator’s April News Letter

Good morning from Wet Stormy Mississippi!  We are less than 40 days till KSU (Kick Stands UP).  I hope you are just as excited as I am!!  It will be here before you blink an eye.

Your leadership team is busy with the last-minute coordination to ensure a great experience for each rider. Outreach and the Ambassadors have finalized their outreach/visitation schedule.  If you would like to experience one of these opportunities? Then please, let your platoon leader or the FNG Coordinator know.   We have planned to allow a limited number of individuals to experience the interaction with families, veterans and the public, that the outreach and the ambassadors enjoy throughout the run. Being selected to be a member of the outreach or ambassador team is probably one of the most prestigious and rewarding positions on the Run

I want to remind everyone of some administrative issues for Ontario:  Be sure your prepaid fuel has been done via check or Zelle (, so you can breeze through the registration process.  Additionally, only cash for the prepaid fuel in Ontario. We have no way to process personal checks there!  Checks received by Lily after 15 April will not be processed!  Those individuals will be contacted to be sure you are aware of your status.  You need to bring a hard copy of your bike or vehicle registration/insurance/and driver’s license for verification at registration.

Preprint your completed emergency data form from the website with all information.  The emergency data form is required to be on your person at all times while on the run.  Another thing you will hear over and over is—HYDRATE-HYDRATE. You can help that by starting to drink water now!!  Be sure you have an adequate amount of your required medications packed for the trip.  Almost, impossible to get prescriptions filled out-of-state.

Lastly, your bike and you both need to be inspected and exercised in preparation for the run.  Most Harley Dealer’s offer a free safety check, I recommend that if you are riding a Harley. A few things to do on your bike prior to your arrival for the 3000 plus mile Run:   Make sure you don’t need an oil change.   Brake shoes need to be in good shape to ensure you can stop timely.  Tires have adequate tread for the trip and have no dry rot.  Check your tire pressure to ensure nothing is leaking.  Practice your group riding skills in a group ride if possible (keeping your spacing/ throttle control/etc).  Group riding is a perishable skill which needs practice to maintain a safe level of competence. Pack a bag — load the bike and go for a ride to ensure your stability/load security and you are organized the way you plan to ride. For those who don’t do long distance riding, the last item is very important— all bikes handle differently based on the load distribution of rider/passenger/and luggage. Many of these items will be checked daily by your platoon cadre. Your safety is of utmost importance to us all!!

We still have the $1000.00 drawing scheduled for Monday at the All Hands meeting in Lot D.  You can purchase your tickets through check or Zelle (see March News Letter).  After 1 May tickets will be available at the promotion table until noon on 13 May.  As also many other items will be for sale at the promotion table.  All need to check out the promotion table for items available, not going to give away that info you will just have to check it out!  The table should be located at the Holiday Inn close to the Merchandise Trailer in the parking lot.  Tee shirts and other items will be on sale at the Merchandise Trailer or you can preorder by going to the Store Tab on the RFTW web site.

We are still short on the Staging Team.  If you would like to serve on Staging, please fill out a Volunteer Form.

There are a couple of meetings I can announce today that will not change, they are required attendance:  Monday, May 13th—–FNG Meeting in Lot D, 1946 E. Holt Blvd. (just down the street from the host hotel) at 1 PM (1300) immediately, followed by the All Hands Meeting at 2 PM (1400).  We will stage in Lot D just like we will Tuesday morning so everyone gets an opportunity to see where they will be.  Staging will be by Platoon so look for the flag with your assigned Platoon Number on it.  Go to that flag and someone from staging will direct your parking.  You will get out of the meeting in time to go over to the ELK’s Lodge for the steak dinner they are preparing for us!!!  You may pay at the door or buy a ticket in Ontario.  They have purchase special ribeye steaks to cook on their grills, so they are especially good. Also, they decided to do it on Monday Night for Midway Route’s inclusion. Plan to go!

If you have visited the itinerary, you will see several schools on it.  You are encouraged to bring school supplies for the kids I.E.:  Pencils/Back Packs/etc.  Supplies you can carry easily.  Most people go to the store the night before the scheduled visit to make purchases to conserve space.  As an Example, I go to Dollar Tree and purchase $20.00 of pencils, twelve to the pack for $1.25 each. This activity is completely voluntary!

In DC there are a couple of significant activities:  We are going to visit Arlington Cemetery on Saturday Morning to lay a wreath.  The whole Run (All four routes) are allocated a total of 75 Bikes, for a total of 150 people. Which means only a limited number of FNG’s from each Route will be able to attend.  That number for Midway has yet to be determined.  I plan to start the selection process by levels of participation—-FNG’s who go all the way will have the first opportunity.  Please, plan on offering another rider a seat on your bike if you are riding single.  Don’t want any bikes going single which deprives someone of the opportunity.  Next don’t sign up if you are unsure if you want to participate.  We will probably stage at 630 AM Saturday morning for this event.  The actual schedule has not been announced yet.  Just a sneak peek!!  At the Lincoln Memorial we have been advised that there can be no chanting or loud noises.  The park Department is concerned about the deterioration caused by excessive sound waves.  No bull horns will be allowed.  Please, help us in this effort or we will not be able to obtain a permit from the park service for our annual group photo.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Since this is my last newsletter before KSU, I want to say it is an Honor to be your Midway Route Coordinator for the 10th Anniversary Run.  It has been a pleasure working with the leadership team who has done all the work to ensure a safe and successful Run. Without them and the State Coordinators, I would still be sitting on the start button. Your Servant Leadership Team is ready to deploy!!!  I look forward to seeing each & every one of you in Ontario or along the way.


I will have to say——IS IT MAY YET!!!!

Don “10-A-SEE” King
Midway Route Coordinator
10th Anniversary Run
RFTW 2024

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Midway Route Coordinator March News Letter

Well, here it is the Middle of March already!!!!  We are growing in numbers daily.  We now have about 90 FNGs and 255 riders signed up.

Spring has sprung for you I hope!!!  It is time to get your ride out and go over it from top to bottom in preparation for the run.  Tires/ Oil/ CB are important but you yourself is the key—-Please put a few miles on riding in preparation also.  Riding skills only improve by riding!!!  You also need to begin Hydration.  We ride through some very arid/hot and humid country over the 11 Days so HYDRATE_HYDRATE!!! You will hear that frequently.

Our State Coordinators are working hard to ensure we have the support we need across the nation.  They have done a great job!  If you have not registered, I encourage you to do so, as soon as possible.  We develop the daily meal plans based on registration.

We have not had much response to our plan of remembrance.  You don’t have to be on the run to submit a name.  If there is someone that has passed away in 2023 that has participated on the Midway Route could you please forward their name and the date of passing to  Thank you and may we remember them always!!!  SAY THEIR NAMES!!

Again, I remind everyone that the itinerary will be out by the first of next month on the Midway Hub. It will not be published in a hard copy book this year.  I encourage all of you, to either create a file on your electronic device or print and laminate a copy prior to your departure from home.

We have one promotion running right now managed by Gina Cutrer and Randy Olgin.  It is posted on the Midway RFTW site and Facebook.   A $1000.00 cash drawing to be drawn at the all-hands meeting on Monday before our departure on Tuesday.  The tickets for the cash drawing are one for $10.00, Seven for $50.00, twenty for $100.00, thirty for $150.00.  You can use ZELLE to pay for the cash drawing tickets, prepaid fuel, or to make a donation.  Be sure to note in the memo line what the money is designated for (Prepaid Fuel / Cash Drawing / Donation).  If you prefer to mail a check, then make the check payable to:  Midway Route RFTW and mail to Lily Lieux. 6426 Bridgeport Drive, Greenwell Springs, la. 70739 no later than 20 April 2024.  Again, be sure to note in the memo line of the check what the money is designated for (Prepaid Fuel / Cash Drawing / Donation).  Any checks received after 20 April 2024 will be returned unprocessed.

Our number of FNG’s continues to grow and our FNG Coordinator, ROGER FORD, is planning another Zoom call for the 23rd of March at 7PM Central Standard Time. Be on the lookout for the announcement on the social media pages, as well as, your email inbox for the Link. If you don’t get an invitation, please call / Text / email Roger or Myself.  We are both listed in the Midway Contact Tab on the RFTW website. Plan to participate, it is your chance to meet the primary team leads and to ask any of your unanswered questions.  Look forward to seeing you all there.  Welcome to the Midway Family!

Another exciting event that has yet to be published is a wreath laying at Arlington Cemetery on Saturday, 25 May.  We have been authorized to bring 75 bikes (150 FNGs) into Arlington for that event. The BOD and Route Leadership from all four route are working on the details of how many riders from each route will be allowed to attend.  If you are an FNG going All-the-Way let Roger know if you would like to participate in this activity.  If you are a single rider you need to  let another FNG ride with you. We want to fill all of the allocated spaces.  This is a unique opportunity, we have not been allowed to do on the run since 2019.  We need to take advantage of it.  Please, don’t signup if you are not sure about going!!!

Finally, we are still short of volunteers on some of our teams.  Merchandise needs one or two people to help sell shirts and other items out of the Midway Merchandise Trailer.  Fuel and staging still has a need for volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, please submit a volunteer form or contact me at: email- or text/ call me at 662-229-8304.

Only 64 days till KSU for the 10th Anniversary Run for Midway Route!!!

I look forward to seeing you all in Ontario!!!

Don “10-A-SEE King
RFTW Midway Route Coordinator 2024

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Midway Route Coordinator February Newsletter

Well here we are already in February of 2024—-It will be MAY before we know it.  I would like to wish the Midway Family a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  We are now 220 strong with 75 FNGs.

After looking at the present cost of fuel, the prepaid number is One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00). One hundred fifty dollars for 2958 miles is cheap!!! You can prepay anytime between now and 5 May via Zelle to Or  you can mail a check to Lily per the instructions below.  Be sure to put your correct name, registered under, phone number, and prepaid fuel in the memo block so we can include you on the spread sheet.  You can also bring cash to registration.  If you do not prepay your cost is Twenty Dollars ($20,00) per day.  To be very clear there are no exceptions to this policy.  The fuel team will be collecting the money at the pump from the non-prepaid participants. I am prepaying my fuel and I expect everyone to participate honorably. I like to use a phrase that defines this very well:  Discipline is doing what is right when no one is looking!! < SO PLEASE DO RIGHT >

Outreach has taken on a new task this year to try to collect and honor those who have fallen in the past year.  I asked Zoe our Outreach Coordinator to provide me with an announcement I could include here: The Midway Route has experienced the sadness of losing some wonderful family members in 2023.  We would like to honor the memory of these individuals during our Run this year.  They have all touched RFTW in one way or another.  If there is someone that has passed away in 2023 that has participated on the Midway Route could you please forward their name and the date of passing to  Thank you and may we remember them always!!!   Zoe

Hope everyone has made their hotel reservations and found a roommate if you were looking for one.  The itinerary will be out the last part of this month.  It will not be published in a hard copy book this year.  I encourage all to either create a file on your electronic device or print and laminate a copy prior to your departure for the Run.  Each of you need to review the daily stops and be aware of the efforts made by the communities along the way to host our group for lunches and dinners.  Additionally, the three outreaches for Cookeville are included.  Need to look at the different ones to determine the one you would like to participate in.  I will talk more about these outreaches later.

We have two promotions running right now managed by Gina Cutrer.  Both are posted on the RFTW site and Facebook.   The super bowl is February the 11 and we are selling squares on a football board for $25.00 each or five for $100.00.  The payout is $100.00 Walmart Gift Card per Quarter with no overtime.  We are also  doing another $1000.00 cash drawing to be drawn at the all-hands meeting on Monday before our departure on Tuesday.  The tickets for the cash drawing are one for $10.00, Seven for $50.00, twenty for $100.00, thirty for $150.00.  For both promotions you can pay by Zelle to with a note in the memo line for the promotion your money is designated for.  For the super Bowl board Zelle no Later than 10 February.  For the prepaid fuel or the cash drawing  you can mail a check to Lily Lieux. 6426 Bridgeport Drive, Greenwell Springs, la. 70739 no later than 20 April, 2024. Please, make a note in the memo line of the check for what you are donating to.  Any checks received after this date will be returned unprocessed.

When you review the itinerary, Look at the schools, churches, VFWs, American Legions, and Communities that open their doors to us with food and community involvement.  They all support their local veterans though Programs, Memorials, and Museums.   Additionally, they provide honor guards and other support to their communities which cost money.  They start working the day after our departure  raising money and support for our annual return. I bring all of this to your attention again, so each of you understand the importance of your participation in the various fund raising events and how your leadership is trying to be good stewards of your generosity.  Without you the Riders and your contributions there would be no RFTW.

I want to thank each of you for stepping up to help make Midway 2024 our 10th Anniversary a great success!

Is It May Yet!!!!

Don “10-A-SEE” King
Midway Route Coordinator

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Midway Route Coordinator January Newsletter

Ruby and I wish for each of you that the New Year will bring much happiness and may each day bring you bountiful blessings!
 Happy New Year to all my RFTW Family!

Welcome FNGs!!  We now have 49 registered.  Our FNG Coordinator plans to hold another Zoom Call on the 13th of January at 5PM Pacific Time.  The announcement and zoom link is on the Midway Facebook Page.  Additionally, each of you should have received an email from Roger with the information.  Please, check your spam folder if you have not seen the invite.  Look forward to seeing all of you on the call!

This is the last month for early registration.  In reviewing the registration list there is a significant amount of our leadership who have yet to registered.  I received a volunteer form last week from a person who had not yet registered. Couldn’t even find a phone number to contact that person to discuss the position applied for.   Registration is important to give us contact information and accurate planning numbers for the State Coordinators.  I encourage all of you to register now!

The hotel list was published on January 1.  I have not heard of any issues or problems with making reservations.   Hopefully, all of you have confirmed your reservations.  The Hotel coordinators do the tuff job of lining hotel rooms up for the Group.  Carol Olmstead in Ontario, Ca, Jerry Wilkins for Midway Route, and Gail Dipple in Washington, DC—-Kudos to you all for a great Job!!!

Fund raising is ongoing.  Congratulations to Marcus “Watcher” Power on his win of the $1000.00 Cash Drawing in December.  We have two opportunities coming up.  Gina has published on our Facebook Page the information for the Super Bowl football board that we do every year as a fund raiser.  A square is $25.00 or you can get 5 for the bargain price of $100.00.  The winning square at the end of each quarter gets a $100.00 Walmart gift card.  The end of game is the fourth quarter—-NO OVERTIME!!!  All the money raised goes toward fuel for the Midway Route.  Additionally, we plan to do another Cash drawing for a $1000.00 to be drawn at the all hands meeting the Monday before our departure from Ontario. Watch for this flyer on the Face book page coming soon!!!!

The leadership is in the final phases of Route planning:  Equipment orders/ Itinerary publication/fuel stops/activities within each State.  Our Route is about 99% solidified in all of those areas.  The leadership can look forward to ZOOM CALLS TO START MONTHLY TO ENSURE COMMUNICATIONS AND ROUTE COORDINATION IS COMPLETE!

I am excited that we are only 125 days from Ontario!!!!  I look forward to all of you there!!!  Between now and then get out and ride to get in condition and most of all be safe & Healthy!!!


Don ’10-A-See” King

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Midway Route Coordinator December News Letter


Ruby and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and safe travels for the season.  We hope each and every one of you will enjoy your time with family and friends!  Imagine, it is less than a month till 2024 and only 150 days to KSU for the Midway Route.
Time flies when you’re having fun….

The Midway team is hard at work to meet the schedule for the publication of the HOTEL List on 1 January.  For all the old timers you know what that means; for the FNGs be on the alert and act quickly with your reservation at the host hotels, especially in California and DC!  The itinerary is in the final stages and will be published as scheduled.

I am concerned about registration as well as the amount of donations to date.  If you are not registered, please do so as soon as possible.  We need our rider numbers for the State Coordinators to accomplish support planning for our meals along the way!!  Not to mention the fact that the early bird registration pricing is over on January 31, 2024.

The Army/Navy game and the hotel raffle has not generated significant funds as in the past.
Trying to figure out the problem??
Please, let me know any issue, if you have participated in the past but not this year, for what reason??  All these funds go to support rider fuel cost.  We have not generated enough so far to even pay for one fuel stop.  We have the Super Bowl Board coming up.  I’m asking all of you to participate.  It pays $100.00 per quarter and one square could get you the $100.00!
Last year we filled two boards!!!!

Leadership is busy accumulating the equipment requirements for each team, so our order can be placed.  The planning for our activities in both Ontario and DC are in the early planning stages.  As soon as, the schedule of events is solidified, we will publish the schedule, so you can make your plans accordingly. Midway is the only 11 Day route and we will depart Ontario on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024.

We still have leadership and support team member openings on Staging, Chase, and the Platoons.   Please fill out a volunteer form if you would like to participate on one of these teams.

I know this letter is short and sweet but be prepared for the New Year!  We need to start the New Year Running toward May!!  After 1 January things will begin to get hectic.  I ask that each of you please make time to participate in the Zoom calls that apply to your area of responsibility. Leadership needs your input!!
Without your participation something could be missed!! 

Is It May Yet!!!!!!

Don “10-A-SEE” King
Midway Route Coordinator

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Hope all had a great Thanksgiving with both family and friends!  I know Ruby and I did visiting with my 93 year old mother and other family members.  Sorry for being late with this newsletter, but Ruby retired and we have moved into our fifth wheel and traveled from California to Mississippi SO FAR.

I need to remind all that our promotion for the Army/Navy game and the $1000.00 cash drawing is coming to a close on 1 December.  MAKE YOUR DONATION—NOW–DON’T MISS OUT!!!

Registration is ongoing with 115 registered so far.  I would encourage everyone to register before the fees increase on 1 Feb, 2024.  Our FNG Coordinator, Roger Ford, is preparing a  zoom meeting for the FNGs in early December.  Be on the lookout for the announcement of the date, time, and zoom link on both the website and face book.

The hotels and itinerary will be finalized soon.  There are several hotel changes so don’t try to get ahead of the publication for action.  One example is a new host hotel in Shawnee!!!  Itinerary changes are being solidified such as a new fuel stop in Memphis, Tx.

Cherry girl has been in contact with the Wilson Elementary Principal, Ashley Fisher, in Crawford, Tn for a Midway Pen Pal opportunity.  Principal Fisher suggested the best way to start the pen pal process would be for any riders wishing to participate to email her directly at: with the following information:
Mailing Address
Rider request IE:  Any certain grade level from 3 thru 8.

She would then select and assign a student who would correspond with the rider to initiate the ongoing communication.


It is with a heavy heart that we report the loss of one of our Midway Route Riders.  “Curly” (Phoebe) is the daughter of one of our Road Guards, Tim “Big Bopper” Bannister.  In 2022, “Bopper” and “Curly” rode the Midway Route and then also the Sandbox Route” together.  Sharing RFTW with her Father was one of Curly’s “Bucket List” items.  At the time of her FNG Run, she had been battling cancer for five years.  It was an honor for us, the Midway Route Riders, to help her fulfill this dream.  She brought so much joy to us all, and to see this father and daughter duo together was amazing.

But as much joy as we had sharing this dream with them, it meant even more to Curly and Bopper.  In a letter that Tim shared with us this year, Curly wrote: “You will never know what a difference you made in my life.  That week I felt like I was part of something much bigger than myself and my problems.  I forgot about the cancer for the first time since I’d been diagnosed.  Life’s worries melted away as I focused on the mission.  I loved every moment of the journey and every one of you that was on it.”

The Midway Route would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Bannister Family, and we Thank them for allowing us to get to know and love such a courageous and loving Young Lady.
We love our Midway Route Family!


I have been in contact with our Outreach Team Lead to discuss ways to recognize our fallen from year to year.  There will be more to come on this IN UPCOMING NEWSLETTERS..

In closing, I would again ask you to register early, volunteer for a leadership position, and participate in the ongoing promotions.  Without you and your participation our ability to make donations across our Route will not be possible!!


Route Coordinator
RFTW-Midway Route

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Midway Route Fundraiser Army/Navy Football Board

Game Day is Fast Approaching.
Don’t Miss out on Supporting Your Branch!   Buy your Ticket by 1 December for Game Day on
 December 9th 

All welcome to participate!  Cash doesn’t know which route you may ride, whether veteran, patriot, spouse or supporter.

The winning square at the end of each Quarter will receive a $100.00 Walmart Gift Card. End of game score is the fourth quarter, no overtime. All entries must be received by 1 December.

One Square ($25)
Five Squares ($100)

Purchase YOUR Squares, ZELLE or mail your Check payable to “Midway Route”

Send to: Lily Lieux, 6426 Bridgeport DR., Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 (NLT: 1 December)


ZELLE to: Midway Route, @ Midway.Route@RFTW.US  (NLT: 1 December)

Be sure! your Phone Number and Army/Navy is on the MEMO Line of your check or ZELLE.

IS it May yet?

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Midway Route Coordinator October News Letter

Well, here we are already the middle of October—-It will be 2024 before we know it.  I wanted to focus this newsletter on the importance of CONTRIBUTIONS and PROMOTIONS!

This is how your 2023 money was spent along with fuel purchases.

1.            Rebels with a Cause                                                                 $2,000
2.            Milan School                                                                                $3,000
3.            Veterans Homeless Shelter Albuquerque                       $3,500
4.            M25 Amarillo                                                                                $2,000
5.            Ft Sill Museum Building Fund                                               $1,000
6.            Red Rock Behavioral Health Services                                $1,000
7.            USO K-9 Fund                                                                                $   500
8.            Tommy Franks Leadership                                                      $1,000
9.            Shawnee Veterans Memorial                                                  $1,000
10.          Ridgewood Baptist Church Forrest City                             $2,500
11.          Western  TN Veterans Cemetery                                            $  750
12.         Sunbright Memorial                                                                    $1,000
13.         Romans Warrior Foundation                                                     $1,000
14.          Wilson County Veteran’s Musuem Lebonon                       $1,500
15.          Ridgecrest Church                                                                          $2,500
16.          TN Veteran’s Home Murphreesboro                                       $1,500
17.           Wilson Elementary School                                                         $3,000
18.           Falcon Children’s Home                                                              $3,500
19.           Moose Lodge #1472 Hopewell                                                  $  750
20.           National Musuem of the US Army                                           $1,500
21.           Wheel Chairs for Warriors                                                           $3,000
22.           Operation Family Fund                                                                $8,000
23.           Combat Bike Build                                                                         $5,000
                                                                  TOTAL for 2023:                           $50,500

I want to talk about a few of the contributions so everyone realizes the impact we as a group have on the communities we visit.

First, Operation Family Fund and Red Rock Behavioral Health Services are nonprofits focused on PTSD and helping any and all veterans.  Operation Family Fund managed by Michael Cash partnered with RFTW in the sponsorship of Homes for Troops Program where 10 veterans across the country are receiving a free custom-built home designed around their specific handicap.  One is being presented in San Marcos, Ca on 28 October at 2PM.  If you can or would like to participate, please read Nick’s, Central Route RC, newsletter for exact times and locations.

Next, look at the schools where we shine a light on service and country along with a small amount of financial help.  The schools that we contribute to are in very economically strained communities and do not enjoy the benefits of excess funding.  For example, 65% of the students at Wilson school still do not have running water in their homes.  Some still have dirt floors also.  The school itself helps to cloth, feed, and teach these children.  I am so glad we went there last year to adopt this school as an annual Midway Route stop.  We will return this year hopefully with the ability to provide more support through your generosity!!

Then, there are the VA facilities like the Veterans Resource Center in Lawton, OK that provide a temporary home for up to 12 homeless veterans and their families, while providing them the opportunity to get job training.  They help with searching out jobs for the training veteran as well as housing after the Resource Center stay.  They provide both support and training to help them get a job, a home, and a respectful life back.  Then we have the Va Homes where Veterans are in residence due to physical or mental issues.  Most don’t have family or friends close by able to visit.  They look forward to our visit for a momentary glimpse back toward THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Last, look at the Elks, VFWs, American Legions, and Communities that open their doors to us with food and community involvement.  They all support their local veterans with programs, Memorials, and Museums.   Additionally, they provide honor guards and other support to their communities which cost money.  They start working the day after our departure on raising money and support for our annual return.

I bring all of this to your attention so each of you understand the importance of your participation in the various fund-raising events and how your leadership is trying to be Good Stewards of your generosity.

Without you the Riders participation in the many fund raising activities and your contributions there would be no RFTW!

 You can send your checks to: Lily Lieux, 6426 Bridgeport DR., Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 or ZELLE to: Midway Route, @ Midway.Route@RFTW.US

I want to thank each of you in advance for stepping up to help make RFTW  Midway 2024 a great success!
Don ’10-A-SEE” King

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Midway Route Fundraiser Cash Drawing $1,000usd

!!!! Cash Drawing – December 15th – $1,000usd

All welcome to participate!  Cash doesn’t know which route you may ride, whether a veteran, patriot, spouse or supporter.

One Ticket ($10)
Seven Tickets ($50)
Twenty Tickets ($100)
Thirty Tickets ($150)

To purchase YOUR Tickets, ZELLE or mail your Check payable to “Midway Route”

Send to: Lily Lieux, 6426 Bridgeport DR., Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 (NLT 1 December)
ZELLE to: Midway Route, @ Midway.Route@RFTW.US  (NLT 14 December)

Be sure your Phone Number and Cash Drawing is on the MEMO Line of your check or ZELLE.

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Midway Route Coordinator Newsletter – September 2023

Run for the Wall

Welcome to the Midway Route 10th Anniversary Run For The Wall XXXIV, 2024. Since the last newsletter, I have met with the Midway leadership and State Coordinators who are already hard at work to create another successful Midway Run.  One of the major changes in progress is our Thursday afternoon dinner and awards ceremony normally held in Hopewell, VA. It will change to the Harley Dealership in Ashland about 3 blocks from our hotel. This will allow the entire pack to safely travel into Ashland rather than having everyone travel the 45 mile ride during Richmond rush hour traffic on your own from Hopewell.   The basic support at Fort Sill, Cookeville, and our visit to the Army Museum has all been confirmed. (Standby for other details as they are developed)

I would encourage anyone wanting to participate or attend the upcoming all hands reunion to do so.  You can find information and registration on Southern Route’s August Newsletters located on the RFTW website.  Kerrville is 27 Sep-1 Oct, on the near horizon so act soon to ensure your place.  Angel Fire by all reports I have gotten; everyone had a good time and it was a huge success!!   Good job Nick and Crew!!!

2024 Registration opens on September 11, 2023 @ 8:46 a.m.(EST)

Early Bird Registration
Sept. 11, 2023 through Jan. 31, 2024: $45 per person


All of the planning for 2024 and most of the changes were based on your input through the AAR Process. I want to continue to encourage each of you to fill out an After-Action Report (AAR) to help your leadership continue to make improvements to the Midway Route.  The Link is:  All input is important to me; the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.  I assure you, the leadership considers all suggestions and will make improvements where possible.

 Since this is the 10th Anniversary thought I would inject a team picture of the Road Guard Team from 2014.  Then a picture from 2023.  Interesting some of the same faces continue to support our MISSION!

Additionally, I wanted to introduce you to the Road Guard Leadership Team for this year.

The Road Guard Team is one of the most critical in getting us across the Nation Safely.  They are here to help each and every one of us in anyway necessary to accomplish that goal.

Remember the Red Hats!!

Promotions are handled by several people.  It is never too early to begin promotions for our Route and several have already been conducted.   If you have a donation that we can raffle/ auction during the Run, please contact one of the below listed people:

Promotion Team:  Kris & Randy “Mullet” Olguin     Randy.Ogluin@RFTW.US     (951) 541-8138

or Gina “Le’Spice” Cutrer   gina.cutrer@RFTW.US    (225) 202-5328

Promotions will run a World Series, Army/Navy, Super Bowl Board and a $1,000 Cash Drawing.

Pick your winning team!!!

Game Squares will be $25.00 each or 5 for $100.  Cash Drawing/Hotel tickets will be $10.00 each or 7 for $50.00 or 20 for $!00.00. Gina has agreed to run the Game Boards and $1,000.00 Cash Drawing again this year.  Gina’s Info: Gina Cutrer   gina.cutrer@RFTW.US    (225) 202-5328  Flyer’s and emails will follow with more information.  Remember, all riders, patriots, friends or family members regardless of Route are welcome to participate in these fundraising events!

I would like to recognize Don Bagwell who stepped forward to be our Quartermaster for 2024.  Thanks, Don!!!!   We still have some team shortfalls to fill.   We need a Registration Team (Must be Computer Literate).  The registration team must be available early in Ontario to facilitate group registration as well as their draw of equipment and training on the procedures and forms required for the registration process.  Also, the Staging Crew and Outreach Team has a few vacancies still.  Please, Contact me, Eric, or fill out a volunteer form on the RFTW website.  If you would like to be on one of these teams or serve on another specific team.   DO IT TODAY! This will help us develop the teams early to facilitate the Midway 2024 planning cycle.

Always remember the Mission.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping that as our focus!!

The Run For The Wall mission is “To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends, to call for an accounting of all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action (POW/MIA), to honor the memory of those Killed in Action (KIA) from all wars, and to support our military personnel all over the world.”

This is why we ride – to support this mission!


Don “10-A-SEE” King
RFTW Midway RC