2018 – Mission Complete

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Today began at approximately 7:00 am as FNG’s began staging in the underground parking lot of the host hotel. At 8:20ish the rider’s meeting began with Slacker and Captain standing on top of the parking structure. Riders were instructed on the route to Arlington National Cemetery and how to behave in the cemetery. It was emphasized that we arrive as … Read More

Day 10 – Lynchburg, VA to Arlington, VA Shenandoah Valley & Parkway

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The first 200 miles of today’s journey into DC were absolutely beautiful. An early morning ride through the Shenandoah Valley with the new spring foliage in beautiful hues of green. The sweet smell of honeysuckle permeated the air. The rising sun glittering through the branches and leaves on the trees. I wish I had better words to describe the beauty … Read More

Day 9 – Wytheville, VA – Lynchburg, VA, only 130 miles

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Oh, what a beautiful morning…☀🌺, couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather to start the day. Instead of rain we woke to a beautiful sunny day. Much better than last year’s down pour. We breakfasted in the Spiller Elementary School Cafeteria and enjoyed hot coffee and a good hot breakfast. Spiller rolls out the red carpet for Southern Route riders. View … Read More

Day 8-Chattanooga, TN to Wytheville, VA 🇺🇸 Home stretch

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Today began dark and early, I know you’re surprised by that! Morning Rider’s meeting, 1st Nav shared the story of Silverdale Confederate Cemetery and the 155 unidentified souls interred in the cemetery. Since Southern Route has started contributing to the cemetery, 40 remains have been identified. After 1st Nav’s introduction to the cemetery, Santa Ed auctioned off two Silverdale Cemetery … Read More

Ambassador update – Day 5 & 6

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This tired sit-rep reporter forgot to include the Ambassador Team report in the last two sit-reps so here’s an addendum to update you on the wonderful work the Ambassador’s have been doing. Thank you Little-bit for the Ambassador write-ups. Day 5 – Texas State Veterans’ Home The Ambassador team, on an outreach, had lunch with the Veterans at Texas State … Read More

Day 6 – Monroe, LA – Meridian, MS – Crossing the Mississippi

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Today was a beautiful, picture perfect riding day, not too hot, not too humid, it was very, very nice. Morning staging took place in the Sam’s Club Parking lot. McDonalds was there serving breakfast sandwiches and the Amvets had snacks and caffeinated sodas, hallelujah! Robert Reavis, “Old School” shared the MIA, why we ride story: View this post on Instagram … Read More

Day 5-Grand Prairie, TX – Monroe, LA ☀️Picture perfect day until 🌧

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Today Platoons 2 & 3 and the Ambassador Team went on an outreach to The Texas State Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Dallas Fair Park, Dallas, TX. Since I am in Platoon 2, I was on the outreach and not with the pack. View this post on Instagram Wreath laying at Texas State Vietnam Memorial, Dallas Fair Park. A post shared by … Read More

Day 3, Las Cruces NM to Odessa TX ☀️hot & windy 💨

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Our morning briefing included a safety briefing from Captain, the Road Guard Captain. Las Cruces did not provide LEO escorts in town, nor would they allow our road guards to stop intersections or direct traffic. This created an interesting situation. Two road guards were assigned to each platoon as we travelled through town, obeying ALL the traffic signals, stop signs … Read More