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Central Route 2020 “Virtual” Sitrep Day 3

May 15, 2020 – Day 3 To DC – Gallup, NM to Eagle Nest, NM

This is the part of the trip we end up in Eagle Nest, NM.  And visit Angel Fire memorial.

This is a typical sight every morning.  It is a sea of bikes.


Early in the morning and people still come out to wish us well.  These are the people we will miss.     


As I mentioned earlier, the meals are all supplied.  So too are the gas stop paid.  This one by Thunderbird Harley Davidson.


New Mexico is a state we have a complete escort across the state. Here are the LEOs lined up and ready to go.  There are state, city, county….. officers engaged to get us through.  So many people support the Run. Thanks all, we will be back next year.


The Run donates to several schools along the way.  They have a big influence to the younger generation.

The 2 buses are from the kids of Cochiti.  Several years ago, the school was trying to get the kids more energized about learning.  So, there was an incentive idea.  If you have perfect attendance, get good grades and have good behavior, you could ride the bus to stand on the bridge to see RFTW go thru.  The first year there was 20 kids.  Now check out the bridge.  Soon they will have to make a bigger bridge.  They also have to rent the bus to get there.  To do that, the kids would have bake sales and other events to raise the money.  Great lessons.  This year they have 2 buses and check out how many kids are there. Again a very poor part of the country.  If you have earned the honor to go on the bus in May, around Labor Day, Jenny, Ken and a few other RFTW member go back to the school and the kids get RFTW pins.  They love it.  Last few years, the school struggled to get enough money for school supplies.  RFTW was able to take money to help the school out.  The people there were so grateful.


In 2018, another school, Santo Domingo joined in.  They too have had great response from the kids.  Looks like the same pic as the one above but it is not.  Last year, they only had 1 bus. Way to go kids!


Great facility for lunch.   Again, all volunteers and very supportive of our veterans.


Road heading up to Angel Fire is breath taking.    It is a gorgeous ride.


As we get to Angel Fire Vietnam Memorial, the wind is normally pretty strong. It sits on top of a hill.


Angel FireVietnam Memorial 

The purpose of the David Westphall Veterans Foundation is to honor America’s veterans and members of its military forces by memorializing the sacrifices they have made and by recognizing the sense of duty and the courage they have displayed as they answered their country’s call to arms.

The memorial was begun by Victor and Jeanne Westphall, the grief-stricken parents of Marine First Lieutenant David Westphall, who was among sixteen young men in his unit killed in an ambush on May 22, 1968 in Vietnam.

In September 2018, we were able to attend the ceremony for the brick laying. Friends or family can purchase the brick for a friend or family member to remember them for their service.

Here is an example of the bricks.  There were about 400 bricks last year.


The memorial maintains a UH-1D model Huey helicopter, known originally as “Viking Surprise,” one of the first smoke ships used in Vietnam. On March 26, 1967, the helicopter, while rescuing service personnel, was so badly damaged – 135 bullet holes – that it was returned to the United State for repairs. The copter returned to Vietnam and was later sent to the New Mexico National Guard, which donated it to the Angel Fire memorial. (Sidenote; Our Very own Scooter (Kenny Keelin/ Road Guard/Scout) Flew this Helicopter before it was retired.)


Food here is all homemade. I wayyyy over eat here.  I want to try a little bit of everything!

They always have the most interesting cakes.
Yes, this is a cake and it tasted awesome!!!!

Food here is all homemade. I wayyyy over eat here.  I want to try a little bit of everything!


The town has a population of about 300.  When we roll in, we double that.  We will be here next year.

Quote of the day:
All gave some, some gave all

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