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Central Route 2020 “Virtual” Sitrep Day 4

May 18, 2019 –  Day 4 to DC – Eagle Nest, NM to Goodland, KS

Brrrrrrr………….Eagle Nest is always cold in the morning.  We travel down the mountain and the temps increase about 20 degrees.  Need to know how to layer.   Thank goodness it was not snowing.  Yes, a few year ago it was.



Raton is our next stop. This is only a fuel stop but the people of  Raton are ready for us. We always have a treat with the junior ROTC.  These kids really work hard.  Keep working boys we will be back next year.  They are very proud of what they are doing.  Our future!!


 Check out the sendoff.  We lose the escort as we cross in go Colorado.


Fountain, CO was one of the new stops. 


They had lunch set up inside the fire station.  It is always nice to thank those that support us.


You never know what kind of weather we will run into.  Rain is never good.  Pretty UGLY!!


 This one had a lovely light show…. lots of lightning.  I am sure the team was watching this one.


Flags and people are always along the streets as we enter the towns. 


Goodland KS is our destination for the night.  Dinner at KS Tech College. The tables usually have place mats that kids made.


                                       I especially like these two with the motorcycles


The thing I remember about Goodland is this table that is set.


As we ate dinner, this is what was read:


It is set for one, symbolizing the fact that members of our armed forces are missing from out ranks.  They are referred to as POWs and MIAs.

We call them brothers and sisters.

They are unable to be with their loved ones and families, so we join together to pay humble tribute to them and bear witness to their continued absence.

This table, set for one, is small, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner, alone against his or her suppressors.

The tablecloth is white, symbolic of the purity of their intentions to respond to their country’s call to arms

The single red rose in the vase, signifies the blood the many have shed in sacrifice to ensure freedom of our beloved United States of America. This rose also reminds us of the family and friends of our missing comrades who keep the faith, while awaiting their return.

The yellow ribbon on the vase, represents the yellow ribbons worn on the lapels of the thousands who demand with unyielding determination a proper accounting of our brothers and sisters who are not among us tonight.

A slice of lemon on the plate reminds us of their bitter fate.

The salt sprinkled on the place reminds us of the countless fallen tears of the families as they wait.

The glass is inverted – they cannot toast with us this night.

The chair is empty – they are not here.

The candle is reminiscent of the light of hope which lives in our hearts to illuminate their way home, away from the captors to the open arms of a grateful nation.

Quote for the day:

 Some made the ultimate sacrifice