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Central Route – Day 7 – Wentzville, MO to Corydon, IN

Today we woke up to no rain.  That was great since it poured last night.

Before we start, I need to apologize.  A few days ago I said there was no Gold Star families.  We do have one riding with his.  Thank you for the service and thank you for riding with us.
Also thanks to all the blue star families riding with us, we have several.

As we come into the parking to stage, this is what I see.  I just started laughing.  This is the perfect day for this.  It is day 7, people are getting a little tire of getting up at 4 AM and being away from family.  This really put a smiles  on a lot of face.

It is a very calm morning.  We started to say the pledge and then there was a slight breeze.  The flag started waving and seemed to be saying: It will be a good day , I will be there with you.

Eamon has bios on several of our veteran that are MIA or KIA.  The pages are then read allowed and he asks for someone to carry them to the wall. We need to bring them all home.

Gomez said he was tired so Larry and Lee picked him up.  Laughing the whole time.

 Heading out with our Escorts.
 Heading down he road. I am not sure they left from last night.
Wentzville Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Wentzville takes extreme pride in being home to the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the United States. Wentzville
was the first city in the nation to realize that the troops who served in Vietnam deserved to be honored.
As it stands today, the Wentzville Vietnam Veterans Memorial consists of a single-column of red Missouri granite, topped by the carved figure of an eagle. Inscribed in the column’s base is:
Vietnam Veterans Memorial December 1967
“Whither thou goest, I will go.”



 The high school bad was outstanding, but they were in shorts!! It was 50 degrees.  
Oh yeah they are young.




Group photo.  WOW!!!
As we headed back to the bikes, I see this lady. She served in the Navy in 1955.  I wanted to talk more to her but we were saddling up.  If you are not on your bike they will not wait, you get left.
Back on the road to head to Jefferson Barracks. 





Jefferson Barrack
This is the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and Health Care Facility
Burial in a national cemetery is open to all members of the armed forces who have met a
minimum active duty service requirement and were discharged under conditions
other than dishonorable.
VA St. Louis Health Care System is a full-service health care facility providing inpatient and ambulatory care
in medicine, surgery, psychiatry, neurology, and rehabilitation, as well as
over 65 subspecialty areas. It is a two-division facility that serves veterans
and their families in east central Missouri and southwestern Illinois.
The Jefferson Barracks Military Post
is located on the Mississippi River at Lemay, Missouri, south of St. Louis. It
was an important and active U.S. Army installation from 1826 through 1946. It
is the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi
River, and it is now used as a base for the Army and Air National Guard. A
Veterans Affairs healthcare system campus is located on the southern portion of
the base








As we went in, they were tables with all kinds of goodies.  They were so excited to see us.  Several of the riders were able to talk to the veterans.
 Heading over the Mississippi River to Mt. Vernon.


 We could see the  Arch in St. Louis.  It was pretty overcast all day so tough to see.  This was fine.
At least no rain!!
More pics of over passes and some of this beautiful country.



At a fuel stop, I was talking to Shawn, one of the road guards.  He rides with this bear.  He said that a person from Limon wanted it carried to the wall, so he said he would take it.  He sat it on the back of his bike.  Tom (ARC) came by and said ” You know you give road guards a bad image”  Ha ha.
Shawn proceed to tell him that he has already had 8 people tell him, they were getting tired and tense on the road.   But when he drove past them, the arms seemed to be clapping, and it really helped them get thru the day.”  So the person in Limon, never knew a little stuffed animal would help so many.
Now in Mt. Vernon IL for lunch. Star Spangle Banner was sung, 21 gun salute and tap.


They had the best chicken…. and a huge parking lot.
Heading to Corydon, IN.  Seeing a lot of green and the sun came out. It is getting pretty warm.  YEAH!!







 As we get off the exit, Martha and Harry are there.
The Indiana flags lead us in.
Another great reception.  Lots of kids.




This poor little guy. He looked excited and waved his flag, but I guess all the noise bothered him a little.

Corydon fixes us a great fish dinner.  They needed a lot of fish to feed this crew.

We are now back on Eastern time. Funny thing I over heard today, I do not care what time zone we are in, just will someone tell me the current time so I am not late tomorrow.

Temp: 50-82
Route: I-255 , I-64E
Total Miles: 315

Quote for the day:
Please tell him he is more than just a name on a wall

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