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Day 10.5 The Vietnam War Memorial , 5/26/18

Day 10.5, The Vietnam War Memorial, 5/26/18

Hi again. Just a few notes to wind up the Sit Reps for 2018.

There were so many FNG’s to brag about on this RUN. It was so good to see many come on board and enjoy the RUN and many have caught hold of what the RUN is about and have ordered their lives to make permanent changes. One, among many, is Frank Davis of California. He was brought on board by Don Burns and Frank regularly attends meetings.  In Frank’s words, the mission of the RUN is outstanding and the mission of helping all vets is a very good one and one that hits home with him. Frank has dealt with PTSD as a fire fighter for 28 years and 3 years ago he began to study and understand more of nutrition’s effect at the cell level on PTSD. He has also said that his belief in Christ has helped him and has really been the impetus in his finding the help he has needed. The RUN has given him the process to find healing and he encourages any one going through or dealing with PTSD to try to put aside the feelings of abandonment and come be a part of Run For The Wall people and you will find some of the healing you need.

An annual event for the RFTW is to gather at the Lincoln Memorial for a group picture.

Okay, this is the last one. Thanks so much for reading and I hope I have given you a taste of what the RFTW is all about. Please also visit for a bunch of great pictures and if you have questions for me, please contact me at

Roger Hageman

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