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Day 10 – Lynchburg, VA to Arlington, VA Shenandoah Valley & Parkway

The first 200 miles of today’s journey into DC were absolutely beautiful. An early morning ride through the Shenandoah Valley with the new spring foliage in beautiful hues of green. The sweet smell of honeysuckle permeated the air. The rising sun glittering through the branches and leaves on the trees. I wish I had better words to describe the beauty we encountered this morning. All of my senses were drinking in the beauty of the valley.

There were two gas stops, one at Sheetz in Fisherville. The owner, donates the gas and any snacks the riders’ want from the shop, very generous! The second gas stop was also a donated stop with staging taking place at the Holiday Inn Parking lot. Somebody makes peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the riders. We’re talking hundreds of pb&j sandwiches. They were delicious! I wish I had found out who made them to thank them. Next year!

An announcement was made by the public relations representative (me). “Once you ride with us, you belong to the Run for the Wall family and families should stay connected so, go to RFTW.US, sign up to get updates when they are posted, also sign up for access to the forum. The forum is fairly active all year, you can learn some valuable information for the forum. Another way to stay connected is through the “Run for the Wall” facebook page and instagram account. You can tell if you are on the official pages because the profile picture is the new logo. And, finally on the website, go to Scuttlebutt and fill out an After action report and if you are an FNG, fill out an FNG Story. This will help us Continue the Mission. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering next year in platoon leadership, staging team or fuel team. The run doesn’t operate without volunteers!”

The route went through the chant one final time before we do it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We are hoping the other routes will join in for the “Bring them Home” at the conclusion.

Ghost Rider the “tormentor”????

The dreaded purple heart ☹️💜, means you dropped your bike on the way to the wall. I know of a number of yellow sleeves that oops and one set of black sleeves. We won’t name any names though, that’s not nice 😜.

Tomorrow is the final day of the mission. Staging for Arlington begins at 7:45 am, according to the book. I’d go down a little earlier. After the ride into Arlington, the wreath will be laid at 10:15 am. This year Southern Route has two members in the honor guard, Old School and Captain America. Just like last year, I will go live on Facebook so family members at home can share in this special honor. “Run for the Wall”, official Facebook page.

Good Night.