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Day 5, Goodland, KS to Junction City, KS, 5/20/18

Day 5, Goodland Kansas to Junction City Kansas, 5/20/18

We will have to wait a day or two for the Road Guard report, only so many hours in a day and many to try to track down.

Oh so very much to cover today so please read fast as I try to type fast. This was a very special day as most of them are but this one seems to be special to a lot of the riders. Maybe it is because of the long sleepy road to get here, maybe because of all the flags that are placed everywhere, maybe because they treat us so very special, maybe it is because they presented all the Vietnam Vets a special pin of thanks. I suppose it is different for each, but it became emotional for most of us when we came up to all the people and the man, many flags. Most of us were really touched by the outpouring of love and appreciation for the riders and or Vets. So appreciated, thanks very much for making it happen.

As you read about the few things that are written here please remember that it represents only a small fraction of the event that I experience in a day and a very tiny fraction of all the events that transpire on just one day on the RUN.

Take a look at this picture. Do you see fatigue like I do. This dear couple, pray for them, they are exhausted, this is early in the morning at Goodland and I just happened to be going by to see this. Rockie is the head medical person for the RUN and she is busy and Roadside is a platoon leader. They are trying to maintain a household with two dogs in a car and yet be available whenever an emergency arises. This RUN can be very trying and tiring too.

As per the course, Goodland folks fixed a great breakfast and sent us on our way. At our location in Goodland in the morning we had a service put on by our Chaplain team. They are great team lead by Curtis Hubble and he spoke from Isaiah 43. Later Keith also gave a message of inspiration. Isa 43:1-3, But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. 2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.  3 For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior; Curtis spoke about the importance of trusting God to take care of the past and the future we face, it is best to face it with the Holy Spirit guiding us. Picture of servers X2 Rockel


We loaded up and headed to Oakley about 60 miles. Upon arriving with over 500 bikes and getting staged, I met a couple form Hawaii that are now living in Colorado.  They are Rockel and Fred Haskell who now live in Falcon Colo. They have been married 30 years and wanted to celebrate by going on our 30th year of the RUN. She rides a Can Am bike. I asked her what she thought of the RUN so far and almost with tears she explained that she had never seen such love and patriotism for across America. It has changed her perception and has given her more love for America. (her words). We are so glad you both came with us and are sharing in this American experience. Picture of bike and Rockel


The next interesting coincidence was with two guys setting across the picnic table and they began to tell of things they do and they found out they live in nearby California town they raise the same kind of dogs for service dogs and interact with the same people in the God business. They were both very passionate about the dogs they have trained. Both were FNG’s and they were amazed at the outpouring that they seen across America, especially the overpasses. Their names are Ronnie Sever on the left and Ted Kapner. Picture


Next I met Lynn Vernon who works with Missing in America. It is an organization that addresses unclaimed remains of Veterans. They contact mortuaries and find out if there are any unclaimed ashes and then they do their due diligence in finding out if they have relatives etc. and when all the facts are brought out they will have a funeral for the remains and the people involved and provide for burial and final closure. We may think this does not happen often but according to her there have been over 1,200 such cases that her group has worked with. She made it clear that there are many organizations that come together to get the job done. Thanks for your part Lynn.

Before we left Oakley I just had to take a picture with these fine looking kids on their home from Church; Phillip, Abby, LJ and Norma too shy to be in the picture. Picture

Next we headed to Junction City by going through the fuel stop at Bunker Hill. That was a very sleepy leg and I was not doing too good and drank some Red Bull like the youngsters do and it helped a lot. Never too old to learn a new trick! Someday, you have got to come along or come out and see the staging, fuel crew and road guards all working together as one at a fuel stop and they do a very, very good job at it. It is masterful and exciting to see. Keep in mind that no biker ever knows where to go nor how to get there, well maybe some do, unless someone tells them. And our group is 47% FNG’s so they have never seen these places before.


At this fuel stop I met another interesting couple that you will like. They are Sandra and Jim Judge and get ready for this. He started in Key West Florida and drove to Pruedo Bay in Alaska in 12 days and 15 hours. He does Iron Butts as a hobby. An Iron Butt is doing over 1,000 miles in 24 hours. I have done one and was wiped out the next day. He paced himself to do at least 500 miles per day. That takes determination as you have time for very short hygiene and eating and sleeping to keep your strength up. Okay, now guess how old he is, 82 years young. This is his 3rd RFTW and her 1st. He is driving her on their Can Am bike and having a great time. He is also a pilot, flight instructor, A&P mechanic and FFA Inspector. So, now what is your excuse, you can’t use that old line, “I’m just too old”, that doesn’t get it with these two. I know there needs to be balance but if able go for it. If you are using too old as something that keeps you from enjoying life or at least trying new things, stop it, don’t limit yourself and don’t limit what God can do in your life, go for it as best as you can. Picture.

Our trip to Junction was uneventful until we entered the city. My-O-My, what a place. Hundreds of American flags throughout the route and the people there applauding the entrance of the pack. It made me proud to be an American and thankful for the Welcome Home that the Vets and others received. Life changing from my perspective. If you would have gone through that street and had seen what we saw, I believe you would well up with some pride also. I took a video but it is too long to Instagram but if you want a copy, please email me at Our Outreah group

We enjoyed a rousing speaker by the name of Ray (? Last name) and we went on to be served a very tasty meal prepared by some more great, salt of the earth people. Thank you, thank you!

More pictures will follow today if tike allows.

Ride Safe, and may God Speed

Roger Hageman,





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