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Day 7, Wentzville Mo. To Corydon, In., May 22, 2018

Day 7, Wentzville Mo. To Corydon, In., May 22, 2018

Today was a beautiful day to do anything outside. Bright sunny skies with just a few clouds to take the blistering heat away. Needed to stay hydrated riding. We went from Wentzville Mo. to Corydon, Ind.292 miles, a light day for miles.

We left staging by the Church and headed a few miles to the Wentzville  Vietnam Memorial, which was the first memorial in the US for the Vietnam war. It has grown and been improved over the years and it is always good to see the young band members playing. Met two ladies there who were daughters of WWII soldiers.

I will show some random photos of the day with some explanations on them.

We had some interesting events yesterday. Corydon is such a favorite place for all the riders and we look forward all year to the great fish fry that they provide for us. Thanks much for the great outpouring of love and hospitality each year. You make a difference in the lives of the riders!!  I was just sitting down to my delicious meal of fish when of course the fire alarm went off and we had to leave the building, maybe next year.

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