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Midway- Route Coordinator Newsletter – Feb 2022

Greetings from hot, cold, rainy, sunshiny, South Louisiana.  If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a minute, it will change.  We can have all four seasons in a week!

Excitement is building as we get closer to our May mission.  Last week, we had a Zoom meeting with our Midway Leadership team.  Everyone is working hard getting our Midway route ready.  Our teams are looking good.  However, we do have a few needs.  We may have some positions available on our Ambassador team.  These are very special positions and require a lot of leadership experience on our route. If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions, please send an email with your RFTW experience and contact information to Dan ‘Papa Hawg” Underhill at

We are short a platoon leadership team.  Our Platoon Coordinator looks for people with leadership skills and great riding skills.  This position also needs people who have gone “All the Way” before.  If interested in being considered for one of these positions, please send an email with your RFTW and riding experience to Dan “TapOut:” Sifford at

Our Promotion team leader, Lane Flynn could also use some help.  If you have interest in helping with our raffles, promotions, and fundraising, please contact her at

Speaking of fundraising, let me remind everyone that our hotel raffle is going on right now.  The prize for this raffle is $1000.00, which is approximately the amount it will take to pay for your hotels excluding your stays in Ontario and Arlington.  The money raised from this raffle will go to support the children from Milan Elementary and the Falcon Children’s home which host us.   I think our route would agree that these children are a great place for us to invest. 

The cost per ticket is $10.00 or you can purchase 10 tickets for $50.00!  If you purchase $100.00 worth, you will get 25 tickets.    If you purchase 10 tickets or more before the end of February, you will receive 2 extra tickets (per 10) for free.  The tickets will be capped at 30 per person to make it as fair as possible.  If you would like to purchase Hotel raffle tickets, please make check out to RFTW and send to:
Ken Dugas
9849 Loblolly Pines Lane
Denham Springs, La. 70726

You may also electronically send the money through Zelle by using my email:  Please send me an email at to let me know if you are sending money.
Thank you in advance for your support of this great fundraising cause.

We will be scheduling more virtual team meetings as well as a rider’s meeting prior to everyone heading to Ontario.  Please keep checking my newsletters and emails for meeting schedules when published.

Our next face to face Board of Directors meeting will be on March 12th.   I am looking forward to discussing and finalizing our plans for our 2022 mission.  I will update you after that meeting with any news.  Everyone is excited about finally riding again in May!

Honor, Hope and Healing

Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator