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Midway Route Coordinator – Newsletter- June 2021 #2

Greetings RFTW family!

I am writing today concerning our “Sunbright Veterans Tour of Honor” reunion in Tennessee. As of this time, we only have about 20 people registered and have hotel rooms booked. 

I understand that many of you made “Memorial Day” rides and have been on the road for many days.  Some of you have just made it back home.  The reunion is right around the corner and July 2nd will be here before we know it.  For some, this may be too much too soon.  I understand.  Unfortunately, If we do not have big enough interest in the July 2nd reunion, we will need to cancel.   We feel that having a small showing for an RFTW reunion would do more damage to our efforts and reputation in Tennessee than not having one.  It has taken many years of efforts to establish the amazing support we now have in Tennessee.  We cannot tap into these resources and show up with a handful of people.  Let me give you some information on the support we have lined up by our Tennessee State Coordinators:

  • Memphis Sherriff Department will be escorting us. They are planning on having more bikes to support us than we have registered right now!
  • Honor guard for Parkers Crossroad Memorial
  • Moonshine Harley Davidson is opening just to support us.  They were scheduled to be closed.
  • Commissioner of Veterans Services, State Representatives and Senators, US Congressman to attend and speak in Cookeville.
  • Cookeville, going all out feeding us and lining up entertainment.
  • Escorts in and out of the 2nd largest firework show in TN.
  • US Congressman to attend Sunbright Veterans Memorial

Our TN State and Assistant Coordinators have worked hard to maintain RFTW visibility and support in Tennessee.  We certainly do not want a poor showing to impact our future support.

If you are planning on attending the reunion, please register and book your hotel rooms ASAP.  If we do not have a minimum of 50 bikes confirmed for the reunion by June 15th, we will be forced to cancel.

The link to register is:

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator