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Midway Route Coordinator Newsletter – September 2021

Greetings RFTW family from hurricane battered Louisiana!

Hurricane Ida hit Southern Louisiana hard. I am happy to say that High Maintenance and I are okay and feel very blessed that our home survived with only minor damage. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for many of our other Louisianians, including some of our very own RFTW friends. Some got hit very hard and still do not have electricity! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It is a very tough time for many dealing with the results of this disaster.

On a positive note, registration for RFTW 2022 is now open and has been brought up to the twenty first century. We now have registration 100% online. I just completed my registration and the process is easy and worked well. Just go to the website under registration. You will need your license plate number and will have to pay to complete the registration. After you pay, you will need to complete the online waiver.
I want to thank our new BOD members, Ron King and Ted Kapner for getting this done. Great job guys!

For those of you interested in the Sandbox route, please read Bug’s Sandbox RC newsletter for the details of how that will work. He explains the process very well.

I am determined to ride our mission for 2022. We will be working hard to make that happen. Is it May yet?!!!

Honor, Hope, and Healing
Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator