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President’s Message – January 2018

Here we are in January already. I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous New Year. The Board of Directors and the Route Coordinators have been busy with planning the 30th Annual Run For The Wall. The results of some of that planning can now be accessed on the Route Hubs (Central Route, Midway Route, and Southern Route) of the website with the 2018 hotel lists. Moreover, the Houston Hurricane Relief Project volunteer sign-up has been going very well. As of this writing, we have 19 volunteers who will gather in Alvin, Texas, on Sunday, February 4, 2018 for registration and briefings. We are very proud of everyone who participated in the fund raising. Now the hands-on work begins on several veterans’ homes. Connie and I will meet you all in Alvin ready to help get local veterans back into their homes. I am still waiting for details on motels/hotels, and will post on the Scuttlebutt tab when received. Anyone wanting to sign-up just CLICK HERE.

Another result I am happy to introduce is the new logo for RFTW. Created by the sustainability committee and approved by the BoD, this logo contains all the values that Run For The Wall has embraced over its 29 years of operations. The logo has bright red, white and blue colors which represent our patriotism and love of country. The colors represent our mission, the “…sacrifices and contributions made by ALL VETERANS who have served our nation. Veterans of recent conflicts and those currently on active duty, Non-veteran Supporters and Patriots are especially welcome to join and ride with us as, We Ride for Those Who Can’t.”

The Motorcycle in the logo recognizes how we conduct our mission. The Gold Wings represent the angels who have kept us safe on each run, while the Headlight supports the promise we have made to those POW/MIAs and their families. “We Will Not Forget.”

The Vietnam service ribbon will still be visible on many items, including the RFTW website. The new logo does not diminish the fact that RFTW was started by Vietnam veterans. It will always be our recorded history. The new logo was created to ensure that RFTW does not die with us Vietnam veterans, but carries on through the next generations.

Les “Easy” Williams
Run for the Wall
Board of Directors

RFTW Logo with Shadow

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