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Sandbox Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 2

Sandbox Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 2

Day 2, May 25, 2020 – Clairsville, OH, to Lafayette, IN, 359 miles

Bright and early we were at it again, and in for a long day.  Briefings started at 6:30 AM. but there is breakfast at the North Star Indian, Polaris, Slingshot dealer, where we meet up and where we depart for the day.  No one should ever go hungry on this mission … breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

Here is a Link to this morning’s Virtual Brief Video for those who missed it. Go to the following link to get the link for tomorrow’s Brief.

If you were on the initial Run from California, you’re probably fatigued and running on adrenaline and caffeine.  Be sure to stay hydrated.  It’s important to your well-being and you’ll hear it time and again from the medical staff.  Be sure to stop by the hydration station at every stop to get a drink and a snack.  Don’t be a casualty.  It won’t be pretty.

The VFW post in Union, OH, provided lunch for the day.  There are usually some other treats in store, including music, memories or just time to get to know the people that are providing for us.  Always try to get to know some of these folks as it’s one of the most rewarding relationships you can form along the route.  Sometimes someone you’ll be seated near and chat with will relate their story of wars past.  It’s an honor to have them share with us.  A memory of theirs may hold a lot of anger or bitterness, but once that is shared with you, you have helped them to heal a bit.  If it happens, share their tears, thank them and maybe give them a hug before you go on your way.  Remember, one of the RFTW missions is to promote healing … and you will have just done that.


Cpl Jason Dunham, USMC KIA Iraq 2004

It was a long day and finally we arrived about 5:42 PM at our destination for the day, Hunter’s Moon Harley-Davidson.  Dinner and the recognitions program for the Sandbox Route would go until about 8 PM.  It was a long day as we rode for those who couldn’t.  This is what we do.  This is our mission.


“It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it.  My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save:  Marines, soldiers, buddies.  I’m not naïve, and I don’t romanticize war.  The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL.  But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.”  Chris Kyle

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