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Sandbox Route Coordinator News – August 2019 Pt. 2

I wanted to take a moment and attempt to bring a bit of clarity to the process that Sandbox will follow regarding matters of rider registration, walk-up registrations and rider platoon assignments. I know that many of you have questions as to when registration for Sandbox will open and how it will be handled. So I want to make sure that you are getting information that is accurate and from the horses’ mouth (as they say).

On the matter of Rider Registration. The rumors that you may have heard that Sandbox will be a “capped” route are true. During the Recon of Sandbox we uncovered aspects of the route that we determined will need an additional year or two to develop before we can take large numbers of bikes. Building out a new route requires us to balance many different issues. Things such as rider safety, our impact on the communities that we visit, the capability of the organizations hosting us and the safety of the general public are all of paramount concern in this process. As such, we decided to take a measured growth approach to this.

We have decided to open registration for Sandbox at some point after October 1, 2019. The precise date will be based on many factors that are at play. Rest assured that we will give everyone ample lead time to prepare for this. Once registration, for open riders (non-leadership or otherwise designated riders), starts it will be on a first-come-first served basis. So pay attention to start dates and times as slots will fill fast.

On the subject of walk-up registration and registration payment. ​Sandbox Route will be a pre-registered/pre-paid only route. ​ ​No​ registration payments will be accepted in person.P​ayment may only be made at the time of online registration.​ Verification of pre-registration documents and payment will be made at our scheduled overnight stops ​only​. Joining the route during the day will ​not​ be permitted.

On the matter of platoon assignments. Sandbox will be using a system that differs from the other three (3) routes for this process. Once you register for Sandbox your information will be sent to the Platoon Coordinator (Chief of Platoons). This person will, soon thereafter, assign you to a platoon based on the information gathered in your registration submission. Things such as years on RFTW, preferred formation riding style, size of the platoons and other parameters will be used in this decision. Once the decision has been made (which platoon to assign you to) there will be a notification sent to you with this and other information. Soon thereafter you will be contacted by the Platoon Leader of the platoon that you are now a part of. Your platoon leader will be your point of contact throughout the year. You can expect your platoon leader to hold regularly scheduled teleconference meetings as we progress to May, 2020.

Lastly, we have filled the previously open State Coordinator positions in West Virginia and Illinois. However we are still seeking candidates in Maryland and Virginia as well as Assistant State Coordinators in all of our traveled states.

For any position please submit your name and information to the ​Sandbox Volunteer Sign-Up​ . Please continue to stay connected to the ​Sandbox Facebook Group​ page, and the RFTW Forum for current information relating to the route.

Sandbox is pushing the envelope and attempting to build its own culture and way of doing things. We look forward to you joining us as we extend the RFTW mission into today’s current era of conflicts.


M.D. “Senior” Miller
Route Coordinator Sandbox Route