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Greetings from Texas!

The open registration period on Tuesday night commenced on time and filled within an hour. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for joining the SandBox Route. I know that there are many who were unable to get in. Although Tuesday was the last registration period that will be scheduled, there is still a chance that we can include others who wish to join.

There remains six months of planning and preparation time prior to our Kick Stands Up in DC on Sunday, 24 MAY 2020. Unfortunately some folks will inevitably and reluctantly have to withdraw from the Route before we roll. So that we can keep the available slots filled up until that day, I am establishing a STANDBY REGISTRATION LIST for those who would still like to participate. To make this work, we’ll need our family of SandBox riders to honestly assess their intentions to ride if participation becomes questionable. If you are registered for the SandBox Route and find it necessary to withdraw from the Route, please contact me at or the registrar at as soon as you can. With limited slots available, a NO-SHOW on SandBox Route means someone else will be prevented from participating.


NOTE: This process is ONLY for those NOT currently registered on the SandBox Route into Marseilles.
To be listed on the Standby Registration List, please do the following:

    1. Compose an e-mail with the Subject Line: “SandBox Standby Registration Request
    2. In the e-mail, please provide the following:
      1. Your Name
      2. Confirm that you are registered & paid on Central, Southern or Midway Route into DC.
      3. Confirm that you are a Motorcycle/Trike/CanAm Rider (not a passenger)
      4. If applicable, provide the name of a passenger (also registered) who will be riding with you, they can be added with you.
    3. Send the message to

The Standby Registration List will be established with precedence in the order of messages received at the address noted in step 3 above only. As spots open, your registration will be manually modified with a “Ride-to” of Marseilles and you will be notified with an updated Registration Confirmation E-mail.


I have had several folks tell me that we should ensure our Middle East Conflict Warriors and their affected family members are well represented on the SandBox Route. I couldn’t agree more. However, a great contributor to the success of our mission is the person to person relationships established along the way and I believe we need a healthy mix of all our family members from all conflict era’s to build those relationships on this new Route. That being said, there have also been a few requests concerning gifting a registration to another person, specifically to a Middle East Conflict affected person. Your SandBox Route Leadership Team is in contact with many of these people and can make that happen if you so choose. This wouldn’t necessarily mean that you pay for their registration, just that you relinquish your spot on the SandBox Route, DC to Marseilles only. This same process will be open for donation to others besides MEC affected people if that is your preference – there is no intention of making this a restricted process. To coordinate a donation or for more detailed information on how we can make this happen, please contact me.

Finally, coordinating these self-imposed registration limitations has been a challenging but necessary task as discussed many times before. While I have made every effort to provide background and details of the process, I know that many folks still found it confusing and often frustrating to say the least. With the completion of this Special Registration Edition #3 Newsletter, I intend to focus on the operational planning aspects of the tasks ahead to ensure our Mission receives the full attention it deserves.

As always, any questions or comments about these topics or others related to the SandBox Route may be addressed directly to me at the e-mail shown below.


Bugs out!

Very best regards,
Billie “Bugs” Dunlap
SandBox Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator

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Greetings from Texas!

The e-mail registration period closed Sunday night with new riders added to the SandBox Route.

The Open Registration Period will begin tonight at 7:00pm (Central Time) sharp and will close when the target number of additional riders is reached.

Leading into tonight’s registration period, following are a few notes and instructions.  Please read carefully to help make your registration successful…

1.  Tonight’s Registration Period is intended only for those who are NOT already registered for the SandBox Route into Marseilles. If you already registered for the SandBox Route with a “Ride-To” of Marseilles, Illinois, then you are good to go with no further action required.  To confirm you are registered, review your registration confirmation e-mail under the “Ride-to” section and look for “Marseilles – MUST Pay Now”.  If it says anything else, you are NOT registered for SandBox Route.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: This Registration Period is intended FOR PLATOON RIDERS ONLY.  If you are currently assigned to a Leadership Team but have not yet registered, contact your Team Leader for instructions on how to register using a separate process.  Registering tonight as a Platoon Rider will remove you from Leadership Teams.

3.  REGISTRATION PROCESS: The “SandBox Route” will not be a listed Route Option.  You should register for your preference of the original three routes with a “Ride-to” of Marseilles.  If you plan to ride only the SandBox Route portion from DC to Marseilles, still select one of the original three routes for registration with a “Sign-in” of Washington and a “Ride-to” of Marseilles.

With the current level of interest in SandBox registration, I expect the remaining available slots will fill up quickly.  Your attention to detail to ensure you have filled out all the required information and made the correct selections on the first attempt for registration tonight will increase your chances of successfully registering onto the SandBox Route.

Once again, thank you for your patience and for helping make this inaugural SandBox Route a great success!


Bugs out!

Very best regards,
Billie “Bugs” Dunlap
SandBox Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator

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Southern Route Coordinator News – November 2019

We are now less than 200 days before kickstands up in Ontario and our current Southern Route registration has just surpassed 200.

The month of November gives us two very special holidays.    Veterans’ Day on the 11th, which is pretty much every day to the Run For The Wall Family.    This is the day in which the Country recognizes the Contributions and Sacrifice of All Veterans from All Services.     I remember as a child watching the Veterans’ Day parade, seeing the “old guys” marching and carrying flags.     Many in their uniforms, some actually still fit, with medals glistening proudly displayed on their chest.    Most didn’t smile much as they walked by, I wondered why.    Now I think I know, when they put in that uniform, their thoughts were drawn back to the memories of those who no longer march beside them.    I wish I knew then that just a “Thank You for your Service” could have lifted their spirit.    So when you see a veteran, just simple Thank You will go a long way.     I plan to ride with my CVMA Chapter in the Reno, NV  Veterans’ Day Parade.    Not because it’s fun, if any of you have ridden in a parade, you will know what I mean.    It is our way of showing appreciation those who honor and support our Veterans, and remembering those who ride with us in spirit only.

On the 28th, out nation celebrates Thanksgiving Day.    It should be a day for being thankful for All that we have.     We are blessed to live in America and enjoy All the Freedoms that we have.     There are 4 F’s in Thanksgiving, or so I’m told. Food, Football, Friends and Family.    Family is the most important one.  Without family, we are alone.    There is the family we are born into and the Run For The Wall Family we are welcomed into.     Noho ka ʻohana ma kou puʻuwai (Hawaiian)

The Southern Route 20th Anniversary patches took a little longer than expected to be finished.     They are expected to arrive on November 8, 2019, envelopes are prepped, thanks to Confetti, and will be stuffed and mailed on the 9th.    Sorry for the delay.     On the brighter side there are still some available, so don’t wait too long.


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President’s Message – October 2019

Run for the wall

November is always an opportunity to focus on “We Ride For Those Who Can’t.” It’s an opportunity for all riders and supporters to reflect on the sacrifices made by veterans by attending ceremonies on Veterans Day in your town or city. It’s also a time for us to remember those who served during wartime and other eras.

In past years I have tried to honor folks from WW2, Korea, Vietnam and more current conflicts in our events at Ontario and in these messages. This November I would like to honor PFC Carl J. Klemme USMC.

PFC Klemme enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on April 17, 1917 in Denver, Col. Carl Klemme was 18 years old and was on his way to Europe as the United States committed to enter World War I. Our nation entered this stalemated trench war three years after it began in 1914—as the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) commanded by Gen. John “Blackjack” Pershing USA. Although Carl Klemme likely never met Gen. Pershing, he would see this war from a very different perspective.

After completing USMC basic training, PFC Klemme began his foreign service in France Aug., 22, 1917. Klemme participated in “active operations against the enemy,” Mar. 15-May 13, 1918 in the Toulon Sector, Verdun, France. From May 31-June 5,1918 he saw combat in the Aisne Defensive. Then from June 6-17,1918 the 5th Marine Regiment moved into the Chateau Thierry Sector and engaged the enemy in an unorthodox night attack in their trenches with bayonets fixed.

This victory was won at a place known as Belleau Wood, assuring Paris was safe, and where the Germans gave the Marines their nickname “Teufel Hunden” or “Devil Dogs.” Gen. Pershing later said, “The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle.”

The 5th Marine Regiment and PFC Klemme then cleared the sector of German soldiers making way for Gen. Pershing’s operation known as the St. Mihiel Offensive conducted Sept. 19-22, 1918. PFC Klemme and his fellow Marines then found themselves at the line of departure in the Meuse-Argonne Sector on Oct. 1, 1918. After several days of heavy combat PFC Klemme was wounded in action on Oct. 4, 1918 and was forced off the battlefield only to recover and serve out his foreign service as part of the Army of Occupation in Germany.

PFC Klemme was Honorably Discharged from the Marines on July 18, 1919 and awarded the “recognized wound chevron” (Purple Hearts were not awarded until 1932 and the recognized wound chevron was later exchanged for the Purple Heart), the Good Conduct Medal, WWI Victory Medal, and the German Occupation Medal. Moreover, an additional honor was awarded to the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments after WWI ended and was presented by the French government to these Marine regiments after having earned the Croix de Guerre with palm leaf three times during WWI.

PFC Klemme did not receive this award after he was discharged. The award is a green fourragere (braided cords) worn on the left shoulder that was permanent for anyone who fought in these campaigns and temporary for others who joined the units in the future.

On Oct. 18, 2019 PFC Klemme’s son, Dave Klemme, USMC Maj. (ret), attended formation of new troops joining the 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Dave, who serves as RFTW BOD chairman and Central Route road guard, showed the documents below to Commanding Officer Col. Rob Weiler of the 5th Marine Regiment who said he was delighted to see this history and will submit the appropriate paper work to award Dave’s father the fourragere.

During the formation, Col. Weiler held up the documents, explaining, “This Marine’s father served at Belleau Wood in WWI and these historical documents are why you all are being awarded fourrageres today.”





Please participate this Veteran’s Day—“To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends, to call for a full accounting of Prisoners Of War and those Missing In Action, to honor the memory of those Killed In Action, from all wars, and to support our military personnel all of the world.”

Oh, and by the way, the 2020 planning process is progressing very well! However, there are some changes on each of the routes. I urge you all to read the monthly route coordinators’ messages found in the Route Hub so you are informed. I would like to urge everyone who is thinking about riding with RFTW 2020 to register early so route coordinators can get a feel for the numbers they will have in 2020. This is a safety issue, Folks, as well as an administrative one. If you are just thinking about riding with us but maybe not completely sure, you can register without paying. However, it is cheaper to pay when you register and we need early numbers to safely plan. Thank you and remember this is One Mission – Four Routes.

Is it May yet?

Respectfully submitted,

Les “Easy” Williams
Run For The Wall Board of Directors

P.S. According to sources reported by Wikipedia, the Army’s 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division AEF was awarded the French Croix de Guerre with Palm three times, and awarded the French fourragere for service during WWI campaigns at Chateau Thierry, Aisne-Marne and Meuse-Argonne…. In total, 434 AEF officers and men were certified to wear the French fourragere as an individual decoration.

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Southern Route Coordinator Breaking News

Greetings All,

Fall is here, like it or not.  For those of us who live where the climate does not afford year-round bike riding weather, good riding days are scarce.  But it’s a good time to do a thorough 360° look around your ride; tires, brake pads, fluids and other wear items. Look tires all over and measure tread depth.  If you are not sure how, there are dozens of YouTube videos that can explain the process.  Plan your maintenance schedule so that you are not scrambling around in early May trying to get everything done.

Have a plan to take care of yourself too.  Adding pounds for hibernation works for bears, most of us are not bears though.  See your doctor and get that checkup.  Have your prescription medications reviewed.  The Mission can be challenging for the mind and body.  Think about what you can do now, to be ready for later.

Breaking News…This Just In….. 

2020 is the 20th Anniversary of the Southern Route on Run For The Wall. To commemorate this milestone, we have designed a special limited-edition patch.  Only 300 will be produced and sold to raise money for the 2020 Southern Route Fuel Fund.  The cost is only $20, which includes postage, and all profits will be used to offset our fuel cost. The patches are 4″ x 2.5″ and beautifully embroidered with heat sealed backing to be great looking and durable.

To get yours, Simply,

  • Send your Name:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Number of Patches:
  • Write a Check for the amount equal to $20, times the number of patches desired;
  • Make Check payable to: Run For The Wall, Inc.

Please Write: Southern Route Patch in the Comment Section

Mail all that to: Robert Nelson

30 Dogwood Ct

Dayton, NV 89403-6366


All patches will be sent via USPS First Class Mail.  Order soon before they are gone.

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Greetings from Texas!

Detailed planning for SandBox Route #1 is well underway and the pieces are coming together.  As I mentioned on the last newsletter, I intend to open registration again for a limited run and I believe that we are now ready to do so.  There remains a great deal of interest from folks who were unable to register, and we will do our best to make this registration period as fair as possible.  With that in mind, there will be two paths to registration as described below.


UPDATE NOTE: This 2nd Registration Period is intended only for those who are NOT already registered for the SandBox Route into Marseilles. If you already registered for the SandBox Route with a “Ride-To” of Marseilles, Illinois, then you are good to go with no further action required.  To confirm you are registered, review your registration confirmation e-mail under the “Ride-to” section and look for “Marseilles – MUST Pay Now”.  If it says anything else, you are NOT registered for SandBox Route.


PLEASE NOTE:  THESE PROCESSES ARE FOR PLATOON RIDERS ONLY.  If you are currently assigned to a Leadership Team but have not yet registered, contact your Team Leader for registration instructions.


For those already registered  for Central, Southern or Midway Routes with a “Ride-to” into DC AND have already paid as of 21 OCT 2019:

  1. Compose an e-mail with the Subject Line: “SandBox 2nd Registration”
  2. In the e-mail, please provide the following:
    1.  Name
    2. Registered Route
    3. Registration Date (the date on which you registered on line)
    4. Confirm that you are a Motorcycle/Trike/CanAm Rider (not a passenger)
    5. Confirm that you are registered into DC.
    6. Confirm that you have already pre-paid your registration
  3. Send the message to
  4. Message must be received by midnight central time on 03 NOV 2019 to be considered.
  5. Applicants who meet the criteria above will be manually registered onto SandBox Route in the order in which the messages were received.
  6. NOTES:
    1. Only those registered as of 21 OCT 2019 AND that have already paid for registration are eligible to apply for this registration method.
    2. Both these items will be confirmed on RFTW registration rolls prior to extending your registration onto SandBox.
    3. If you have a Motorcycle Passenger registered to ride with you, please note their name in the message and their registration will be adjusted with yours.
    4. Please also note that meeting the criteria noted above does not guarantee SandBox Route registration if the available spots are filled before your message is received.


For those currently not registered for any Route or who have not paid for their registration:

  • Open registration will commence precisely at 7:00 pm Central Time on Tuesday evening, 05 NOVEMBER 2019.
  • This registration will be via the normal online registration at
  • Registration will once again close as soon as the number of available spots has been filled
  • Note: The number of spots is based only on the number of registered bikes.  Motorcycle Passengers registering will not count against the number of available spots.


These are two separate groups of open spots, so filling the first one will not eat into the second one.

Please follow the instructions carefully or your application may be missed.

Thank you for your patience and for helping make this inaugural SandBox Route a great success!


Bugs out!

Very best regards,
Billie “Bugs” Dunlap
SandBox Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator

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Central Route Coordinator News – October 2019

Greetings from Southern California! Fall has arrived, temperatures have dropped to the mid 80s, and we are one month closer to May!

The biggest news I have this month is that we have changed our Day 4 overnight stop. We will overnight in Limon, Colorado instead of Goodland, Kansas. This decision did not come easily, because we all love that Goodland layover. The citizens of Goodland and the program at Northwest Technical College provide us with a delicious supper and hearty breakfast, space for camping, facilities for showers, and space for a church service on Sunday morning. They decorate the gymnasium in red, white, and blue and their elementary school children contribute their artwork and letters. It is a reception that we all deeply appreciate.

However, by overnighting in Limon, we cut 109 miles off a very long day and add it to Day 5, which is a relatively short one. In my opinion, that ride through eastern Colorado and western Kansas is one of the most grueling stretches of the entire run. By postponing the last leg of it until Day 5, we tackle it first thing in the morning, when we are all fresher and the winds aren’t as strong. This change also gives us more time between our breakfast and lunch stops on Day 5. Some RFTW old-timers may remember that we actually used to overnight in Limon. Though I believe this change will make things easier and safer in the long run, an overnight change like this does require a huge amount of work from the state coordinators. I would like to give a shout out to Tom (Twitch) Brunette and Carl (Rusty) Brown for their persistent efforts.

There may be other gas stop or lunch stop changes along the way as our state coordinators finalize plans through their state. I’ll keep you apprised as our plans evolve. As a reminder, the hotel list for all overnight stops will be published around the end of the year, and the final itinerary will be completed in early spring. Last year’s itinerary is still available on the website. Speaking of the website, I noticed there were still some openings in our staging and fuel teams. If you were thinking of volunteering, I recommend you do it sooner rather than later, as these teams do fill up.

Last month I urged you to start getting in shape physically for our 2020 RFTW. This month I would like to encourage you to start working on riding skills. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken an advanced riding course, I strongly encourage you to find one in your area and complete it prior to May. It’s easy for us to develop and slip into bad riding habits. Rider courses help us recognize and overcome these. A consistent theme in our After Action reports was the complaint that some riders did not know how to ride in a pack. A way to overcome this and gain experience is to join clubs or groups that do ride in a pack, such as Patriot Guard.

You have a lot to do in the next 204 days! Get busy!

Tom “Boomps” Miller
Run for the Wall®
2020 Central Route Coordinator

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Midway Route Coordinator News – October 2019

Hello Midway Family!

As always, I pray that all is well with you and your families.  I would like to give you my latest updates for our 2020 Midway route.

Our leadership team is now listed on the Midway hub .  Please review the list and let me know if there are any additions or changes that need to be made.  I am pleased that our leadership teams are almost complete. However, we would like to have a few more people for our fuel team and our road guard team.

My RC video is now posted on the Midway hub.  As many of you know, I had issues accepting the RC position because I am not a veteran.  I always felt that a veteran should be the one addressing the communities we visit.  With that said, I will do my best to represent you veterans well.  I hope you are pleased with the video and my representation of all of you and our Midway route.

We do have a few changes to the route.  Our Fayetteville night will be moved to Smithville, NC.  This will eliminate the backtracking we had to do from Fayetteville.  This change is confirmed and finalized.  Another change will be a move from Ashland, VA to Hopewell.  This change will eliminate the long ride to the hotel from Hopewell to Ashland.  There are a few details being worked on to finalize this change.

I am pleased to announce that we will be adding a visit to two VA hospitals in Tennessee as well as a wreath laying ceremony and visit to the museum in Lebanon, TN.  These additions will be visited by break out platoons. Lebanon will also be donating a fuel stop for us.

I want to thank all of you who have supported our Seymour Johnson AFB “Riding the Runway” patch fundraiser.  So far, we have raised over $2,900.00 towards our fuel stops from this patch!

The RFTW brick paver we purchased for the Stafford Air & Space Museum is completed.  It should be installed soon.

I asked the BOD for approval to add the KIA/WIA logo to the website to be included with the POW/MIA logo.  I am grateful for their approval and it has been added to the website.  Now that we have the Sandbox route, I thought this was another good step to help join the older and newer generation warriors together.

The route is getting close to finalization.  I thank our State Coordinators and all of you for your support and efforts.

Have I told you lately…………………  I Love my Midway Family!


Ken Dugas
2020 Midway Route Coordinator

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Southern Route Coordinator News – October 2019

Greetings from the Battle Born State.  After the long drive back from Texas and a day to recuperate, back to Southern Route “coordinating”.    On behalf of ALL the riders in attendance, I would like to Thank Cowboy and Sam, their legion of helpers, Heart O’ The Hills VFW Post 1480 and the Y-O Ranch Hotel for another Outstanding and Entertaining RFTW Kerrville TX Reunion.  Next year’s reunion is scheduled for September 25 – 27, 2020, so mark your calendar.

Congratulations to Billie “Bugs” Dunlap (2019 SR RC) & Ken “Six String” Dugas (2020 MR RC) on their selections as 2020 Sandbox Route RC and ARC respectively.


Our Day 1 overnight stop in 2020, has been changed to Casa Grande, AZ.  This change will allow us to bypass the Phoenix afternoon and morning rush hour. And for the first time in a long time we will be able to eat indoors, out of the heat.  More information will come as we work out the final details.  I cannot Thank our “A”Z Team of State Coordinators enough for all of their hard work making this change possible. I love it when a plan comes together.

That’s the good news. The downside is it adds about 45 miles to our Day 1 ride. But, by averting downtown Phoenix commuter traffic, we should avoid any stop-n-go situations.  We will endeavor to increase time at our fuel stops allow for additional hydration.

The Leadership and Support Teams rosters are nearly complete.  A contact list is posted on the Southern Route Hub.  A list of reserves (not shown) is kept by team leaders to fill inevitable vacancies.  A Big Thank You to all who volunteered.

Southern Route 2020 Pre-Registration have already exceeded 160.  I encourage you to register early, it really helps the planning efforts.  Our State Coordinators are working hard to secure great hotel rates and working with our supporters at every stop along the Southern Route.  Their behind the scenes efforts are vital to Our Mission’s success.   Be sure to thank them when you see them.

More to follow………………

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RFTW SandBox RC Newsletter – September 2019

Howdy from Texas!

The SandBox Route is alive and moving forward!  Following the resignation of Marcell “Senior” Miller, the RFTW Board of Directors has confirmed me as your SandBox Route Coordinator.  Before proceeding here, I would like to express sincere gratitude to Senior and the SandBox Leadership team that planned and conducted the Recon Route and have gotten us to this point.  Although there has been some flux in the path, I am very positive about where the SandBox Route is going and how we’re going to get there.  With this newsletter, I intend to provide insight to where we are and what to expect as we proceed towards May.


Every new RC takes a critical look at how the last Route was organized and executed with an eye toward improved efficiency and effectiveness.  For the SandBox Route, that means converting the experiences from the limited execution of the Recon to a full up Route intended to provide safe and successful passage for our riders.  With the lessons learned from the Recon and the valuable experience of many that have made the other Routes so successful, we are moving forward to grow the SandBox Route at a sustainable pace without overwhelming our benefactors along the way during our first Run next May.  Here I will address some topics about which many have been asking…

The Mission & The Objective

The fourfold Mission of Run For The Wall is the same for all four routes.  As RC for the SandBox Route, I embrace that Mission and will work toward the execution of its tenants every day leading up to and throughout the Run itself.  However, the SandBox Route also embraces a unique specified objective to reach out for and show support to our Middle East Conflict era veterans by developing and promoting a path to healing.   Over the past 31 years RFTW has enjoyed great success on this Mission of support for Veterans and Families from all services and conflicts.  Although the objective is clear, it is essential that we include ALL era veterans and supporters on the SandBox Route as we endeavor to pass the torch of service and support to those who will ultimately lead this entire Mission into the future.  For that is also an objective of all the Routes – plan for and follow a path that will Continue the Mission beyond that time which those of us here now can see.

Growth of the Route

RFTW XXXI had the largest number of people ever registered for all three of the CA to DC routes.  Some were concerned that our supporters would be overly burdened by those numbers, but would still do whatever was needed to provide for the Mission.  Our supporters on the SandBox Recon got a taste of the task ahead with a small group and did a great job ensuring the Riders were given the provisions necessary to continue.  Now it is time to grow, but we must do it in a way that ensures sustainable progress and a positive development toward the objective of reaching and supporting more of our recent era veterans.  To support that future growth, the SandBox Route must not explode onto the scene with an overwhelming legion of riders.  There is great interest and expectation for this Route and a great number of people wish to be a part of it.  Unfortunately, just like on Recon we will not be able to bring along everyone who wants to participate this year.  Please understand that none of us wants to keep anyone away – we ask that you keep in mind the Mission and the Objective and do what you can to support the long term success of both in whatever way you are able.

Route Selection

Recurring themes across the After Action Reports (AAR’s) from the Recon Route included issues concerning condition of the roadway, fuel stop pump availability, and restroom availability.  There were other important issues, but these three are directly addressed by Route and Stop selection.  Over this past weekend, our Road Guard Captain, Don “10-A-See” King rode from DC to Marseilles, Illinois in search of a more suitable route and fuel/rest stops with the capacity to accommodate our passage.  His preliminary report is that the trip was a great success as he also met with many of our State Coordinators along the way to solidify expectations for further support and coordination.  I look forward to receiving his full report very soon as we continue to plan the route ahead.


As many of you have already seen, Registration for the SandBox Route is closed having reached current available capacity as noted above.  As our Route and Supporter capacity becomes firm, we may be able to open registration for a limited number of additional riders.  Should that happen, an announcement will be made well in advance with a specified date and time for registration opening and it will close again after the new capacity is reached.

Also, I have been contacted by several people who mentioned that they were registered for SandBox who are not showing on the list.  Please review your confirmation e-mail under the “Ride-to” section and look for “Marseilles – MUST Pay Now”.  If it says anything else, you are not registered for SandBox Route.


Our RFTW Family is made up of the most caring and patriotic people you could possibly imagine.  Your continuing dedication to the Mission has been unwavering for over 31 years and has only grown stronger since the start.  Your acceptance and support for the addition of the SandBox Route proves that the Mission is timeless, and that we are preparing a path to long term continued success.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me they will serve in whatever capacity they are needed.  As we work toward a sustainable incremental growth of this new Route, the service needed from many people will be that of enthusiastic supporter.  Ray “Ghost Rider” Wyatt’s Southern Route RC motto from 2017 is particularly fitting here: “Mission > Self”.  In whatever capacity you serve the Mission, you will be part of it, and we need the entire Family to come together if we are to successfully reach and support the people who need it the most.

WALL – to – WALL!

Bugs out!

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap

SandBox Route Coordinator

Run For The Wall XXXII