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Seeking applicants for Director of Risk Management/Registration 2021

Run for the Wall - We Ride For Those Who Can't

The Board of Directors is soliciting applicants for the position of Director of Risk Management/Registration.  The term will begin in July, 2021.   However, because of the training involved, we are taking applicants now.  Upon approval from the Board, training (under both Diann & John McKee) would begin immediately for the 2021 Run.


These are the main areas of responsibility:

  1. Securing/Renewing annual insurance policies for the Run.
  2. Oversee the pre-registration process and development of the Registration Database. This includes a thorough knowledge and programming experience with both MS Excel and MS Access programs; required knowledge GOES BEYOND SIMPLE DATA ENTRY. During the registration process, beginning immediately after The Run, constant attention to the growing website database is critical to the accuracy of the riders’ data.  At the end of pre-registration, preparation of the registration documents through the use of MS Access reports is required and will be printed for use by the registration teams.
  3. Secure from each Route Coordinator, the itinerary for final publication.
  4. Ensure accident reporting processes are conducted in accordance with RFTW’s insurance provider’s requirements.


This is a rewarding, yet critical position.  How smoothly the Run’s registration operates—not only during the waiting period (“Is it May, yet?”), but also—and especially– in Ontario.  As with the other Board of Director positions, the closer we get to May, the more intense and time-crunching the duties become.    Though not necessary, a second set of hands (i.e. a spouse) during the weeks before the Run has proven to be invaluable, as well.


If interested in this position, please contact Diann McKee at    She will be glad to answer questions or give more details.