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SR Day 2. Thursday, May 18th

The morning starts with refreshed riders, homemade breakfast burritos and lots of coffee. The temperature was very pleasant, and the riders all seemed ready to get going again. After a brief meeting, we headed to Marana, AZ, which is always a good spot—full of the townspeople, and LEO’s who really roll out the red carpet.  We had another brief meeting, but this time we heard some very moving testimonies, which made our mission even more fervent.

Then we were off to Willcox, AZ, to see the school kids and have a great lunch.  What a change in temperature—from 102 yesterday to the low 80’s!  Wow.   And what a welcoming group of kids and town folks out front.   Lunch was their great brisket and beans…!   As “Eyes” presented plaques and certificates, the one that really touched her was when she gave one to the Wilcox PD.  Many good relationships have been cultivated over the years with these communities, but working with the LEO’s is especially rewarding.  They really become part of the RFTW family—-you can ask ANY of the road guards—and they’ll wholeheartedly agree.

As we left—in 82 degrees—-we see a rain storm over the mountains to our south.  For this West Texas gal who continues to live in drought land, rain clouds are a beautiful sight.  If they would just go to Odessa—-but I digress….  :-).  We made it to Las Cruces in the cool, slightly sprinkling weather.  The Elks Lodge of Las Cruces rolled out THEIR red carpet for us with an EXCELLENT meal and warm welcome.  This was the first time that the Elks Lodge of Las Cruces has hosted us.   What made this possible was Alfred Skorupski—-who made not only the Las Cruces supper stop happen, but also the awesome 3 days of being catered to at the Lodge in Ontario, CA!   Alfred is the Past State President of the Elks in AZ.   Is he the man or what??

What a great day it was!   On to Odessa, TX, tomorrow!

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