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2024 Central Route Coordinator Newsletter #1 June 2024

Aloha RFTW O’Hana,

I hope everyone has either made it home safely or is safely on their way.

I would like to start this newsletter with a heartfelt MAHALO to all that supported us in our Journey across the US to Washington DC. We could not complete our MISSION without the support received from numerous communities, Companies, and Individuals across the Country.

I would also like to thank all of our Volunteers and Leadership on the Central Route. The teams performed superbly this year and we had a great Run (Aside from a little bit of Hail in KS). I give credit for our successes to these amazing people and accept any and all shortfalls or failures as MINE alone.

I also want to acknowledge our RIDERS! You all did a fantastic job under some adverse conditions and CONTINUED THE MISSION. I know some had to turn back due to Mechanical issues or other reasons and I hope to see you ALL back next year. Please spread the word and bring new people to the RUN next year.

I am adding a small bit of detail about the donations we made this year (Thanks to all of you!).

We donated approximately $65,000.00 (+/-) to the following organizations along our Route. RED Text denotes Veterans Organizations.

Hulet Elementary School
Operation Transition Outside the Wire 
American Legion, Holbrook AZ
Veterans Helping Veterans, Gallup NM
National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center
Village of Eagle Nest NM
Missouri National Veterans Memorial, Perryville MO
Arlington Assembly of God (this Church Allows our riders to camp and feeds them-They need a new Walk in Refrigerator/Freezer)
Elks #2644 Veterans Committee
Anstead Elementary
Valley PK-12 School
Rainelle Elementary
David Westfall Foundation
Fort Riley BOSS
Willing Warriors Foundation
Sons and Daughters In Touch
Santo Domingo School, in NM
Cochiti Elementary School in NM

These Donations not only help organizations along our Route, but they also help spread the word about us and our MISSION as well as teach the next generation of Patriots what has been sacrificed for their freedoms and the freedoms of their family and friends.

These donations are from our Riders and many supporters that assist us all year, every year.

Once I have a bit more time, my final Newsletter will list some of the many donors (Some do not wish to be identified).

Many have asked me this year “How can I get more involved”.  As a non-FNG, you are eligible to apply for a leadership position. This includes platoon leadership, fuel and staging teams, chase vehicle team and other leadership support positions. So, if you think you might be interested, consider submitting a volunteer request form for next year. SIGN UP HERE!

Another important thing to note: AFTER ACTION REPORTS. Please go to the link and fill out the form. This helps us understand what, in the individual’s opinion, worked well and what did not. It also helps us identify potential problems and address them for next year. I have read EVERY ONE of the ones that are streaming in and have started a spreadsheet to track suggestions, criticisms and things that people identified as good things. The RC for next year will receive all of these and make decisions based on this input. If you don’t make us aware of issues, we cannot work to correct them. Keep in mind that we do value any and all input, all reports will be read and considered, but not all suggestions will be implemented. We especially appreciate suggestions on how to make things better rather than just criticism of things that riders did not like or agree with.



In Closing, I have a few questions?

Nick “Richboy” Hentges
RFTW Central Route Coordinator 2024

1 thought on “2024 Central Route Coordinator Newsletter #1 June 2024

  1. Enjoyed the ride and all that it stands for, supporting our past and present Military. My issue is the Tornado we were rode into. Never should have happened. If safety is a number 1 factor for all riders this failed. A group of 7 were separated or left behind. No rode guards anywhere to tell us where to go. Ended up in Wilson Kansas directly in the tornado path, then to Salina Kansas. When we got a hold of the emergency contact person(listed on our lanyard) he was more concerned that we mispronounced the city name. We were also told by this individual that unless we made it to Junction City by 5:30 the next morning we would be unable to ride. No names were requested or the number of people in our party. When we saw a post that all riders were accounted for that was misinformation but sounded good. No one knew we were missing. On top of the stress of being abandoned by our leaders this was the not what we expected from this organization. Schedules cannot always be adhered to and a delay should have been made for merely the safety of all riders. We finished the ride loving the patriotism we experienced across the country but believe common sense should be number 1.

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