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Central Route 2017 – Day 5 – Goodland, KS to Junction City, KS

Our day started with the morning meeting at Goodland in the Tech School gymnasium. After the preliminaries a Church service was started and Curtis Hubbell and Rupert Harold gave some very sobering messages. Curtis retold the story of the approaching storm as we went toward Angel Fire and how the Chaplains and others were praying that God would give us dry roads. The clouds and storms were all in front of us and as we approached them they seemed to dissipate before us. These were no small storms and there were forecasts of impending snow, rain and wind but as we grew closer the clouds gave way to sunshine and no wind. The same was forecast for the next day but our Chaplains and others were praying and we were greeted with a beautiful morning with very dry roads. See earlier posts. Curtis continued to share how we have not because we ask not and He will take care of us because He knows our needs. We just need to ask and believe. Curtis prayed a specific prayer, “give us sunshine on the roads” and God answered. It is a witness to all who took part.

The casual reader may think that they were little storms and things just happened that way and God was not involved. Well I was there and so were some of you and I saw first hand how God changed the outcome. To me that is exciting! Rupert shared how there is power in the name of Jesus and we can trust totally in that name. No other name has stood the test of time and no other name can bring the peace to our lives like the name Jesus can and does.

This sure sounds like some sermons and yes they are and I appreciate them very much as that name of Jesus is special to me as it is the only name that has pulled me out of the wreck of a life and set my feet on solid ground and I on this RFTW Sunday, am so very thankful for Jesus paying the price for me and for you too!

Okay, we loaded up and went about 60 miles to Oakley and had a great lunch prepared by the community. Again this is one of those communities who goes all out to bless the RUN and we are the beneficiaries of their outpouring. Thanks much.

Along the way, we met a new FNG rider, Patty,  and her father who are from Denver. Today was her first day.

On to Junction City (JC). Here we go again, this place really out does itself every year. The entry streets are lined with beautiful flags and [people 2 and 3 deep, all waving and cheering for the vets in the pack. It brings tears to our eyes every time we enter here. For the FNG’s it was an new special experience which was moving for all of them. Again, you just had to be there to experience it, it was special and I so appreciate the love that is behind all the preparations for this event.

Mayor Phyllis Fitzgerald oversaw the presentation of colors and the pledge of allegiance. Next Winky from RFTW was presented a painting of the Heritage Park Memorial.

The special speaker was Brigadier General Patrick D. Frank from “The Big Red One”, based in Junction City. He said many interesting and informative things. This is the 100th year of the formation of the Big Red One. Some of the men in our group were connected to this base. It has a long and inspiriting history, being the first in WWI and WWII and now headed back to Iraq to retake Mosul. We pray they succeed mightily.

After his speech, he did something that I have not seen done before and I am so glad to see it and I rejoice that our military is finally reaching out to the Vietnam Vets in a bigger way and being active in welcoming them home. Isn’t that what we are all about. It made me jump for joy and I am so proud of you who have been there and have come home and that you could be honored in a stetting like this. I am overjoyed that you are honored as it has been a long time coming. I thank the Lord for this! For each Vietnam Vet he greeted them and gave them a pin thanking them for their service and welcoming them home. There were lots of tears in many of the Vets. It was a very special time for all that were there. For me, the trip could end now as this is what our country needs to do to honor the men and women who did come home and who served their country well.

Please enjoy these pictures and I think they will speak for themselves.

This lady Michelle and others were thanked and given plaques for their service for this event.

General Frank

Mayor Fitzgerald

Color Guard

The pin presented was a great thing and I think also some were thankful that their country was acknowledging them.

Last thought, the two very similar names on this wall, could they be related as a Dad and Son or? Causes one to slow down a little and remember and surely to be thankful for those who paid the price that I did not have to pay and most likely I could not have paid it. And since this is Sunday may I say too that that is just what Jesus did for me, He paid the price for my sin that I could not pay.

Hope you are enjoying the experience of the RUN and for those who can’t be here we miss you and hope to see you soon or next year and thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow with boots and helmet on. This has been a good day and I thank God for His goodness and mercy.

Roger “Pops” Hageman   Read the Bio for Curtis below.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 6:47 AM, Curtis Hubbell <> wrote:

Here is a bio submitted by Curtis Hubbell  about one month ago. He is our Rider of the Day.

How long have you been doing this? Can’t remember my actual FNG year, but I think this is about my 15th year.
Why do you do this?
I have a deep respect for all those who have been willing to serve and fight for my freedom.  I am also passionate about sharing the good news that God loves us and can help make every aspect of our lives better.  I am a full time Chaplain to Bikers and their families and feel RFTW allows me a great way to do my job.  Chaplains know that a building is not necessary to provide opportunities for ministry.  I feel that my participation in RFTW is a way that I can serve the biker and veteran communities at the same time.  RFTW is also a big part of my family traditions.  My children and grandchildren are very aware of the true cost of freedom.  It has been an honor to introduce them to some very courageous men and women who serve as great examples and inspiration.
What is your favorite part?
Very hard to say, but I think I love meeting in California the best.  It now feels like a family reunion.
What is your responsibility on the RUN?
I serve as Senior Chaplain and lead the Chaplain Corps.
What is your best memory of the RUN?
Taking all three of my children “All the way” the year they turned 13.  This was seen as a right of passage into adulthood.
What would you say to those watching the RUN and reading this article?
There are many ways to support RFTW.  I have not met many people who regret getting involved.  For those wanting to ride in RFTW it is just as challenging as it is rewarding so don’t make the decision lightly.  If you are able to volunteer or just wave a flag along the roadside it’s always a great thing to say thanks to a veteran.  If you know how to pray, please remember RFTW as we travel across the USA.

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