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Central Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 10

Central Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 10

May 22, 2020 – Day 10 – Lewisburg, WV to Washington DC

Even though this year was just a virtual report, I relived every day.  I hope you have gotten some understanding of our mission and enjoyed several of the pics. This is our last leg of the trip to Washington DC.


Last morning to stage and head on out. It is a sea of helmets.


Beautiful country pics.

Here are several pics that day last year.  We have such a beautiful country with all kinds of landscapes.  Hope you have liked them. Because of our FREEDOM, I am able to do this.


  Lunch provide by Shenandoah Harley dealer.  Great venue.  This was another sunny day.  Sure hope next year is the same. Again, donated by the dealership.  Great people!!!!


 Look at the amount of trucks and people on this bridge.  It takes time and effort to pull this off.  We had someone stand on the bridge today and they timed the pack.  It was Less than 5 minutes to roll thru.  This is truly a sign of the supports we have for our troops.


As we see the miles to Arlington get lower and lower, I realize our mission is almost complete.  I also think of all the troops still deployed all over this world.  I pray that someday they will be able to count down the number of days they will be home.   


  The crowd cheers as we pull into the parking lot.  Remember how our Vietnam troops were treated when they got home.  Remember it only takes a few seconds to THANK a veteran, active service person, police or fireman for their service.  And if you remember to thank a Vietnam vet, also tell them   “WELCOM HOME”.  You will be amazed at their gratification.


 Gunny is there every year to greet us as we come in.  Lots of high fives and hugs. 

He wants to see that all POW and MIA are returned home.  There are a lot of people, all volunteers,

to keep this goal alive.  Keep all our troops in your thoughts and prayer to return home to their families.




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