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Central Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 6

May 18, 2020 – Day 6 to DC – Junction City, KS to Wentzville, MO

This day we would be heading to Wentzville, MO.  This is seen along the way.  The support we have on the overpasses is incredible. 

Think about the organization to get all these people together.  The Run goes thru an overpass in about 5 minutes. Amazing the support.


We have even seen artimis sign to support us.  Pretty nice. 


One team we rely on very heavily is our fuel team.  They man the pumps as we fuel up.  Fuel pumps remain open until

all bikes are filled.  Some fuel stops are donated, just like the meals.  If not, we will pay to the nearest dollar.  All the extra

money goes to the chase vehicles.  Yes, that is another part of the volunteers.  We have guys that tow trailers in case there are break


By the time we get to day 6, the team and riders are all in the groove of how this works.


Every leg of every day of the mission we will ride a “Missing Man” formation.   Tom, aka “Bones”, is the coordinator.  And there is a different person on every leg. 


Route Coordinator                    State Coordinator

Escort                                        Missing Man (empty spot)                      

Missing Man Coordinator        Head Chaplin  

The escort “rides for those who can’t.”  

The name is put in the Missing Man position.  


                                               Here is how it looks on the road.

This group of 5 leads the pack cross country.  They are not allowed to wave, shout, or take pictures out of respect.

As we roll into Concordia, we turn into the park for lunch, here is another example of our Law Enforcement Officers that get us cross country safely.


 I always remember Concordia as the picnic area with the WWI veteran.  They love seeing us come thru.

 This gentleman was 92 last year and WWII Veteran.                    This is another WWII veteran.  He is 100. 


                 Lunch outside  and it is a beautiful park. We always pray for no rain on this day.


Every Meal stop and several fuel stops, the volunteers are presented with plaques.  It is appreciation from the Run for everything they have done.

Here is an example:


             I always remember coming into Wentzville, MO.  This is one of the biggest flags I have ever seen.

 Check out the size of this flag.!!!!


Along with the flag comes a lot of people to welcome us.


Another town with Boys Scout. They do a great job of getting the area ready and cleaning up this area.   They are our future.             


This is always the way the day ends.  Love it.

Quote for the day:      Honoring the past, inspiring the future