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Central Route 2020 “VIRTUAL” Sitrep Day 7

May 19, 2020 – Day 7 – Wentzville, MO to Corydon, IN

Every day there is a morning meeting.  General information for the day is given.  Also, there are 2 bios read for our Veterans that are MIA or KIA.  We want to bring everyone home. We do not stop looking.  After the bios are read, the route coordinator asks for someone to carry them to the wall. The bios are then placed at the wall in DC


We always head to the Wentzville Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the morning.

Wentzville takes extreme pride in being home to the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the United States. Wentzville was the first city in the nation to realize that the troops who served in Vietnam deserved to be honored.

As it stands today, the Wentzville Vietnam Veterans Memorial consists of a single-column of red Missouri granite, topped by the carved figure of an eagle. Inscribed in the column’s base is:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial December 1967

“Whither thou goest, I will go.”


The high school bad is always outstanding, as they play for the ceremony.


 There is always a group photo here.   WOW!!!


Next stop: Jefferson Barracks

This is the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and Health Care Facility

Burial in a national cemetery is open to all members of the armed forces who have met a minimum active duty service requirement and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.

VA St. Louis Health Care System is a full-service health care facility providing inpatient and ambulatory care in medicine, surgery, psychiatry, neurology, and rehabilitation, as well as over 65 sub specialty areas. It is a two-division facility that serves Veterans and their families in east central Missouri and southwestern Illinois.

The Jefferson Barracks Military Post is located on the Mississippi River at Lemay, Missouri, south of St. Louis. It was an important and active U.S. Army installation from 1826 through 1946. It is the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi River, and it is now used as a base for the Army and Air National Guard. A Veterans Affairs healthcare system campus is located on the southern portion of the base.



They always have tables with all kinds of goodies.  Great for snacking on the ride.       

Mt. Vernon IL is our stop for lunch. Star Spangled Banner was sung, 21 gun salute and taps.


Heading to Corydon, IN.  We cross all 3 times zones while on the Run.  We are now in the eastern time zone.  Still seeing lots of support!!!



Corydon is another town with lots of kids.



The best part of the day we ride into Corydon is the fish dinner.  You can smell it as you ride thru the park.  

They needed a lot of fish to feed this crew.


Quote for the day: Please tell him he is more than just a name on a wall

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