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Central Route Coordinator News Feb 2019

Central Route    FEB


Only 100 days to go




The time will go very fast so this is the time to prepare yourself and the bike for the Run, tires etc.


Packing- often one of the mistakes new people to the Run (FNGs) make is packing too much. The old adage of putting out what you think you need and then taking half out is very true. You will pick up t-shirts along the way some are given to us others we will buy. I take along 3 or 4 rolls of quarters and some laundry pods. There are laundry facilities along the route. There are tips for riders on the Forum ( by veteran riders.



Don’t forget to pre-register; this will help those organizing the Run with knowing the number of meals and fueling spots to cater for. This will also save you $20.00 plus you don’t have to pay until you turn up at your starting point.


Note:  Even if you pre-register, you still must bring all your documents to the registration point, license (motorcycle endorsed) bike registration, up to date insurance. If you are bringing a minor you must have a notarize permission letter.

This has to be checked out before you are assigned a platoon.


Every year we have some folks who turn up who forgot their docs and that is a shame after planning for this great mission.

If you do not have the proper documentation; you cannot participate in RFTW.