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Central Route – Day 4 – Eagle Nest,NM to Goodland,KS

Brrrrrrr………….it was 36 degrees today.  Thank goodness it was not snowing.  Yes a few year ago it was.

I want to show you a little of the Angel Fire brick ceremony.


Angel FireVietnam Memorial 
The purpose of the David Westphall Veterans Foundation is to honor America’s veterans and members of its military forces by memorializing the sacrifices they have made and by recognizing the sense of duty and the courage they have displayed as they answered their country’s call to arms.


The memorial was begun by Victor and Jeanne Westphall,
the grief-stricken parents of 
Marine First Lieutenant David Westphall, who was among sixteen young men
in his unit killed in an ambush on May 22, 1968 in Vietnam.



In September 2018, we were able to attend the ceremony for the brick laying. Friends or family can purchase the brick for a friend or family member to remember them  for their service.
The bricks are carried to a staging area for the ceremony.
There were about 400 bricks last year

This it the staging area.  They are laid out in the order they will be positioned on the walkway.

Each person’s name is read off and the brick it then handed off


If a family member is there, they will take the brick, if not, there are others to carry it.
As the person receives the brick, they will salute if they have served.  If not, they will
place their hand over their heart


Here is a team preparing the spot.


There is a salute prior to receiving the brick and then it is place with great care.



Metal of Honor recipients will have black granite bricks and will have current service personnel place it.


 21 gun salute and taps are played at the end of the day


If you have the opportunity to participate, please do. It is amazing.
Ok back to the Run for today.
This is what we see as we leave today.
 Dry roads and blue sky.



As we get to the lower part of the mountain, this is what we see, burnt trees.  Earlier in 2018, over 25 square miles were burnt.  It will be back and green as ever.


Heading to Raton, NM, this gentleman was there supporting us.


 We saw buffalo and …
  …..pronghorn.  (looks a lot like an antelope.)
As we get off the exit ramp….
It was pretty cold coming down the mountain.  We were at 8500 feet.  They always have coffee and the best cinnamon rolls.
 Great job kids.  And mom and dad.

Here they have the junior ROTC.  These kids really work hard and it shows.  They are very proud of what they are doing.  Our future!!


Heading out of town.  Great send off.




This will be the last entrance ramp that the New Mexico LEOs will help us with.  We cross into Colorado a few miles down the road.

Check out the send off.  THANKS  again guys for keep the roads clear all the way across NM.

 Enjoy the pics.  This was a gorgeous ride to Fountain, CO








Oh no, look at this.  See the hole in the middle.  That is what we went thru to get to Fountain. We stayed dry!!

Great reception



They had lunch set up in the fire station.  Good thing because the rain is coming.

You recall the POW/MIA flag and book that Roger is carrying?  Well he is doing a great job getting signatures.  People are very wiling to do this as a way to not forget our MIA and KIA service men and women.
A little about Roger.  He was in the Naval Reserves 1994-2000. He joined when he was 30 and became a Seabee (the construction battalion). He was stationed at Buckley Field and Fort Carson in Colorado.  He was an equipment operator and trainer. Thanks Roger for your service (remember it only takes a few seconds to shake a hand and say thanks)



Suit up everyone, we will be running into rain.  Here Bernadette is in her blue rain suit.  She looks like a Smurf but I am sure it will keep her dry.

As we get on the highway, we turn away from the storm… yeah!!!

This is more of the riders getting ready to hit the ramp.  400+ bikes leave a pretty long trail.

 Not looking to good but it is still to our left.
 People still come out not matter way.  Love it.
 We got wet and the camera was put away.  Here is out gas stop.  We were wet and cold. Temps were down to 44.  The gas station gave us free coffee and hot chocolate.  Hurry up and drink it, it is time to leave.  We are on a schedule.  Every stop has a departure time.  Let’s go, gear up..


YEAH!!!!  blue sky… but wait, now we get wind.  Well we are heading to Kansas.  For the next hour and a half we had the winds blowing us around.  Then guys did a great job keeping in line and us on the road.  But by the time we stopped, arms, necks, back….. were a little sore and tight.  Nicely done getting everyone there safe.

This was in interesting cloud.  I believe they call it a shelf cloud.
 Yet the still come and show support

This one had a lovely light show…. lots of lightning.  I am sure the team was watching this one.


Flags were there to welcome us.  Most of those that came out were in blankets.


 The tables had place mats that  kids made.
I especially like these two with the motorcycles


The MC ask for us all to stand and sing the national anthem. He offered us all to join in and the young lady sang.  We did and it sounded great!!
Temps: 36-60
Route:74 N, I-25N, Hwy 24, I-70E
Miles: 406
Quote for the day:
S    Some made the ultimate sacrifice


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