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Central Route – Day 9 – Hurricane, WV to Lewisburg, WV

Today is the day we go to Rainelle to see the kids.  This is the school we have raised all the money for.  Last day for he military and platoon challenges, last day for auction….

Every day before we leave for our platoon meetings , Eamon leaves us with 2 things:
 They shall not grow old as we who are left behind grow old

Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morn

We shall remember them

Lest we forget


      ALL THE WAY!!!!

We go to the parking lot today and Tom, the ARC’s bike is covered. Tom was he head road guard captain for year.  As a rookie road guard, you get your bike trashed at some point on the trip.

I guess they put the rookie up to it.. LOL

Random people will stop and salute the Run.  They know what it is all about and respect it.

Stuck in traffic heading into Charleston we go past a school bus. They we scream and waving…

UGH…. traffic on a bike is not  much fun but we did make it.

This young man has been standing every year on this same block for RFTW since he was one. He is now 16.  He stands there the whole time the bikes are rolling in. 

His sister, mom and grandma
His grandmother worked in one of the building at the capital.  The grandmother’s husband is a Vietnam vet. He served from 1966-1969.  One year actually in Vietnam as a radio operator.
They have been married for 50 years.  I admire the women who have stated with their husband from the Vietnam War.  They too have suffered.  Many of our soldiers have changed and have problems with coping yet they have stated with them  Thanks ladies.  This goes also for any women that served.  Thanks guys for sticking with your wives.  Here is her husband.
Packed around the capital.  Bikes everywhere.  Here is an example that Steve has to lay out to make sure we all fit.  We are in multiple lots. This is  like a jigsaw puzzle.

The West Virginia Veterans Memorial is a
two-story oval shaped monument honoring more than 10,000 West
Virginians who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending the nation
in twentieth century conflicts. Composed of four limestone
monoliths surrounded by a reflecting pool, the interior walls are
faced in polished black granite etched with the names of these men
and women. 

The 4 wars are WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam



We move back to the Step to get a group shot of the Central Route.  Pretty many people.

Got a good laugh at this one.
 She is all of 23.  She has no idea yet…. her life is just beginning and she will have many tomorrows.
“We have tomorrows because of them.”
This gentleman we running around on a scooter.  He said he could not run with us, not enough gears.
He stood as we started out.  He was a little unsteady but remained strong.
 As we head to Rainelle, there are people all along the 35+ miles.




The road is great.  Beautiful West Virginia windy roads.  Enjoy the ride and the people out there supporting us.








 Yeah finally made it.
 Definitely worth the wait.  Wish you could have heard them.








Now that we have stopped, and put kickstands down, we can go see the kids.  They want OUR autograph.   Pretty funny.  Most of us have brought trinkets, pens, pins…. to give the kids.  It is like Halloween.  Enjoy the pics.






This lady is the daughter of the police chief that back in 1989, he started the veterans parade with Gunny.  She wants her son from the time he is born to be able to participate in this day.



This lady  was 1 when the first riders came thru.  She has not missed one and she does not what her kids to either.  Amazing…

Kim is the principle.  She is exstatic about the amount of money that RFTW has donated.  Just a side note. RFTW also bought every child a coat, hat and glove when a flood struck.

Several of the elementary kids sang for the riders. Here is part of the song:

What do you say to a hero?
Someone who is always there.
We can say Thank You.
Or we can say Thank You, Thank You..…

Oh my, no one told me I needed a tissue for today.

Temps: 79-85
Route: I-64E,Rt 60
Miles: 121
    The Price of Freedom is Written on the Wall
   Heroes do not wear capes, they wear dog tags.


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