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Central Route Coordinator News – January 2019

Happy New Year

Hope you had a Merry Christmas

Only 133 days to go

The Hotel list is out, thanks to the hard efforts by the State Coordinators 

I understand we are all on a budget and have to watch our expenses on the Run but if possible support the Hotels on the RFTW list as the State Coordinators have made commitments with these hotels to block out a certain amount of rooms.

New Year resolutions: The Run is very fatiguing and the enemy of safety is fatigue, so if you add getting fit for the Run to your New Year commitment that would benefit you and your platoon mates, just doing a 30 minute walk a day would help.

Don’t to forget to pre-register, this will help those organizing the Run with knowing the number of meals and fueling spots to cater for. This will also save you $20.00 plus you don’t have to pay until you turn up at your starting point.