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Midway Route Coordinator News – January 2019

Fellow Midway Participants;

I know you have heard this repeated over the last several days, But a very Happy New Year! We are at the four month mark before our departure. The time and year has truly flown by with a lot of work still to do. Thank you to all those who have stepped up to support leadership. Our State Coordinators are doing a terrific job in planning our arrival and the days events. We are very grateful to these individuals and what they have done and will do to make our mission a success.

I know many of you took the opportunity to make hotel reservations once the list came out on January 1st and found how fast the host hotel’s filled up. Please don’t be discouraged as other hotels are available in the areas. You can even book hotels that are even far less than what we have offered. We try an accommodate the best we can.

When you visit the website look for runs or meetings that support the missions. They are informative, you can meet individuals and can gain a perspective of what to expect and how to manage the ride. I recently attended a gathering where FNG’s announced their return and new riders were signing up. Great opportunity to meet and greet.

One last thing, have you looked at your motorcycle insurance coverage? Most riders and drivers only insure the minimum coverage. Majority of insurance companies do not cover medical. One thing I did was to update both my auto and motorcycle coverage to included “under insured” motorist. Do not confuse this with “uninsured” coverage as they are significantly different. Check with your insurance policy and or check with your agent on this addendum. I can tell you from experience it is very beneficial.

Thank you to all leadership and support personnel for the continued success of the Midway Route.


Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner, Jr.
2019 Midway Route Coordinator