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Central Route Time Line for Start of Day 4

Run for the Wall Central Route

Attention All Central Route Riders

Time Line/Schedule for the morning of Day 4 – Saturday May 21 2022

Fuel at Crossroads truck stop 855 Clayton Rd. East side of I-25 exit 451.
0800 – 0810: Advance groups/Road Guards/Staging first.
0810 – 0840: Pack riders (Do not show up prior to 0810.)
Fueling will end at 0840.

Stage after fuel on Clayton Rd. West side of I-25 same place as years past. Look for staging team.

0845 – Riders Brief
Caddy-corner from the Tourist information center (Abandoned Texan Motel) on Clayton Rd.

0915 – Platoon Brief

0930 – Welcoming Speeches Mayor & other’s

0955 – KSU

This time line is not normally the way we work but we are working under unusual circumstances. This time-line will allow us to keep the pack on schedule for the rest of the day.

SPECIAL NOTICE: A Jacket was found on the highway about 60 miles out of Santa Fe. We found two key fobs in the pocket. Pictures below.

If this is your jacket please report to the sound stage in the morning with a crisp $5 bill.