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Day 10 – Friday May 27, 2022. Southern Route

Day 10!  We made it to Arlington – ALL THE WAY!  How far we going to go?  ALL THE WAY.

Today we started in Lynchburg and going planned on 256 miles to Arlington.  We had breakfast at the Tree of Life Ministries.  After breakfast, there were some presentations to not only the folks from The Tree of Ministries that took care of us but many of the unsung hero’s that helped pull this whole run off.

Probably the big point of this drive was the rain we ran into.  We had some heavy rain for quite a while.  We pulled off for a fuel stop at a Sheetz in Fisherville and then it was really coming down but 15 minutes later, things calmed down.  The rain gear really helped.  We went on to the next stop, Front Royal where we fueled up and had lunch in the parking lot at the Hilton Double Tree.  P&J Sandwiches.  Then, 66 miles to Arlington.  We had Police escort all the way through Virginia into Arlington.  I think everyone was thinking about getting to Arlington and that’s all that was on their mind.  Once we rolled into the host hotel, it was a great feeling.  We made it!

Thanks All Brothers and Sisters for being Run companions!  It’s been a great one.  See you next year!

USAF ’72 – ’75

Breakfast at the Tree of Life Ministries

The send off at the Tree of Life Ministries

Our last stop at Front Royal prior to going to Arlington

Sheetz fuel stop

The Tree of Life Ministries – presentations


The Sheetz fuel stop with rain

The Sheetz fuel stop while we tried to keep out of the rain

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