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Day 2, Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Woke up early this morning. Hotel smoke detector was going off in every room. Someone cooked popcorn at 0330 and it burned. The entire hotel was awoken. I don’t think any of us got back to sleep. After packing the bike I checked out of our room and breakfast was being put out for us. The usual fare but it was hot.

At the meeting, I mentioned the Pledge of Allegiance and the special way the Milan children say the pledge and handed out the cards for riders to read with the Milan children. I passed out all I had and hoped it would go well. Next Cornman mentioned the collection for Milan Elementary school and the t-shirts being sold to benefit the school. Our Chaplain gave a great prayer for God to help us keep focused on our ride today. One of our Outreach team read a bio of an MIA lost in Vietnam. Then we got the usual lesson on hand signals by our road guards. Immediately after being released for our platoon meetings, the 5-minute horn sounded. 

We headed out of Flagstaff on time and the further we headed east the warmer it got. The sky was overcast, so it didn’t get too hot. At our fuel stop in Holbrook, everyone was either running inside or shedding gear depending on the severity of circumstances. We then left for our next fuel stop which was determined to be a “fuel & go” style. We were not supposed to leave our motorcycles, but the hydration truck was set up for our convenience and some like me took advantage of it anyway. We’re always told to hydrate and take advantage of the hydration truck, right? So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I went over to the hydration truck and got a fruit drink. Those are so good. I love the green ones but they didn’t have any. Had to settle for one of the others. Actually they are all really good.  I love em.  Checkout this photo of Wombat and Bandit and their misses.  What do you think?  Is Wombat hanging over the zipper a little?  Ha ha.

At Milan, I grabbed my pins and wristbands and headed toward the children. Several people were handing out items for the children as we headed toward the assembly room. The children were chanting “USA, USA, USA”, so we joined in. We said the pledge with them and they were surprised that we did the other parts with the, but they liked that. We had a great time with the children. A young girl with an angel voice sang the national Anthem. Many of us joined in. Donations from Run For The Wall were handed out as well as plaques and certificates for those involved with managing this day’s activities. We gathered in the cafeteria for lunch with only a few minutes to eat before we had to leave. Enchiladas, rice, beans, chip & salsa and tortillas. It was great.

Next we headed to the casino for fuel (again sponsored) and then lined up to be escorted into Albuquerque. Of course I made a grand entrance being the last on his bike. Some said I was late. I said I was “just in time”. So if you have not witnessed the escort into Albuquerque event, you have missed one of the wonders of the world. It’s truly amazing.




What a blessing all the motor officers are as they help us enter the city completely by ourselves right into Duke Harley Shop that sponsors our evening meal completely unmolested by a single vehicle. Burgers and dogs and all the fixings. There was so much smoke from the grill, you would think the fire department would have been alerted, but no. There was a long line, but it went fairly quickly. I started at the end of the line and grabbed some watermelon. That was all I really needed. So good. There was a great band playing as well. Lots of favorites. Good times.  Then again the usual awards to all the participants in making this days activity such a success. 




A representative from the mayor’s office was in attendance and he read the proclamation commemorating Run For The Wall Day in Albuquerque, NM. 

We lost an hour in New Mexico, but thankfully we get to sleep in an hour in the morning. Great planning. Thanks.

We Ride For Those That Can’t”

Photos provided by the Midway Route Photographer Jim “Hoofer” McCrain – –

Tom “Twotone” Lystrup – Midway Route SitRep Writer

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