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Day 4, Eagles Nest, NM. to Goodland, K. 5/19/18

Day 4, Eagles Nest/Angel Fire to Goodland, Kansas

We awoke in Eagles Nest to a beautiful morning. The mountains were beautiful. Now these are real mountains, not those little bumps you have back east and there was some snow and frost on the trees. As usual the ladies and men of Angel Fire and Eagles Nest had our breakfast ready and we packed out the hall one more time. We all really like the great food and service at this place, and I don’t think you could go anywhere on this earth and find it any better food and or friendlier people who invite you in again and again to share with you. Really a special place as others have been along the way. It amazes me how friendly, helpful, caring and loving the people are on this entire RUN. As I have said before, they work all year in some cases just to spend it on us, what a treasure they are to us and we thank God for them.

Okay it may have been pretty out but it was pretty cold and made for a chilly ride over to Raton NM. (40+- degrees)  Along the way I happened to see about 6 wild turkeys, just as we came out of that beautiful canyon and a little further I saw what looked to be about 40 head of elk and they were more than a little disturbed by all our noise. There were also the ever present antelope that enjoy watching us and let us get close as we go by on the road and then they sometimes quickly decide to go across the road where we are driving. It didn’t happen today however.

Our fuel stop in Raton was paid for by the “Independent Riders” whose president is Tim Trujillo. Thank you for your continued support, it really does mean a lot to us, THANKS. There were refreshments provided for all of us by some gracious people. I know I have talked about this before, but it always bears repeating. The dear people who turn out to help feed us and put fuel in our tanks and do so many things for us, you are so appreciated and your kindness really touches the riders, they don’t expect it yet you are always there helping.

We darted off towards Pueblo and fueled up and went over to a large staging lot to stage for our trip to Fountain Colo for lunch. I have been on the RUN since 06 and have seen some good growth since, but it seems that now the growth is much bigger than in the past. In the past we would never fill a large parking area like we did today, approximately 5 acres. To watch the staging crew do  work their wonders, to be able to organize and get each person and bike in the right place in a matter of 15+- minutes, is fun to see. It is very organized chaos. I am part of the leadership team and hence I get a parking place towards the front of the lineup each time we park and that can happen several times per day. To make it easy for the parking ladies, they draw a line on the pavement and then put our names on the pavement. It is fun to see and now I realize that I have finally arrived as they now put my name in the pavement. How fun, it’s the small things in life, right!!!

We hurried off to Fountain Co. for lunch where they fed us in a very large fire station, see picture.

From there I had to run up to Denver because somehow I was “blessed” by with a broken CB antenna. In this RUN it is a good thing to have your CB on so you know what is happening all the time when we are moving. So I made the trip in little over an hour and they amazingly had the part at RPM Power Sports. Great people and they jumped on my bike like a chicken on a June bug.  They also noticed that my back tire was in serious need of changing and they said it was so bad that in a rain storm it may not hold and cause it to slip or slide. Who knew? They quickly (1.5 hours) the tire and I was off to Goodland and not able to get in until about 9:30 PM.  I am sharing this part with you as you probably have similar things happen to you and sometimes they don’t work out in getting repairs done but it is best to get them done in order to stay safe. It was the little thing like the antenna that caused us to see the big thing, the tire. I am thankful.

On a personal level, I am riding my bull named Fu Man Chu (sp) and I am getting to ride him more that 2.7 seconds. Some of you will recognize that from the song by Tim McGraw, live like you were dying. Well I am not dying yet but I bring this up to encourage you if you have not been out with us to come out, there is still time if you are on the eastern part of the US.

I was bummed that I missed the Goodland folks and the presentation that they put on. It is another one of our favorites. I know, I seem to say that with all of them but it is difficult to say which is best as they are all very good and the great people make the difference. Maybe here is a good place to talk about our great country. This is mostly fly over country and if you have not been it is high time you come with us and see the great heart of America. The people who help us and serve us and provide for us are some of the best on earth. They deeply care about others and the RUN gives them that opportunity to show it and gives us the opportunity to give love and respect back. We need each other.

Tomorrow night I am going to do a special on our road guards so stay tuned.

That is all for today and I am looking forward to tomorrow morning and the great service at the Goodland stop.

Thanks and God Speed.

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