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Details of RFTW-DRUSA Houston Relief Effort and Sign-up

Below is the schedule, dates, times, and sign-up form for the Run For the Wall and DRUSA relief effort for Houston from Hurricane Harvey.  The goal here is to help as many veterans that were affected as possible.  Now we need your muscle, labor, and couple days of your time, if you are so able to assist in that way.



DATE: February 6-10, 2018
HEADQUARTERS: Emmanuel Worship Center
2427 FM 528
Alvin, TX 77511
Pastor Avelino & Lily Da Silva


Emmanuel Worship Center will provide:

  • classrooms for couples
  • Large room for single ladies
  • Large room for men
  • Those staying at Emmanuel should bring
    • Bedrolls
    • Air mattress
    • Towels

Motel will also be made available (Bill Terry)


  • Five homes with need of (There will be veterans homes but not limited to veterans)
    • some clean out and preparation
    • Light plumbing
    • Minor electrical work
    • Carpentry
    • Drywall hung and finished (final texture done by company that has been contracted)
    • Paint
    • General Handyman type work
    • Insulation
    • Trash Hauled off??
  • Realizing the impossibility of completing a project in 4.5 days, realistic goals will be established with the homeowner prior to engaging the job.


  • $22,000 donated by RFTW
  • $28,000 donated by DRUSA
  • $10,000 per house


  • Field Kitchen (Bill Terry)
  • Shower Trailer (Gordon Knox – arriving 2-5-18)
  • Tool Trailer
    • Mark Richardson
    • Danny Stewart
  • Tools needed
    • Hand tools for carpentry
    • Hand tools for minor plumbing work
    • Hand tools for minor electrical work
    • Drywall hanging and finishing tools (several cordless drills with screw drivers)



  • Bill Terry arrives and speaks at the church for preparation
  • Gordon and Yvonne Knox arrive with shower trailer and no harm forms to be filled out
  • David Moore arrives with the steps for the shower trailer
  • Gary and Carolyn arrive late


  • Shower Trailer setup on location
  • Field Kitchen will arrive
  • 10am – ???pm – Registration
    • Yvonne & Carolyn will handle the forms and registration
    • Everyone will register at Emmanuel on Monday
  • Final prep of all projects
  • Finalizing of teams (goal is to integrate RFTW, DRUSA and M25 into teams)


  • Breakfast 7 am
  • Work 8 am to 5 – 6 pm
  • Dinner 7 pm
  • Lunch & snacks will be provided by runners to the jobs


  • Breakfast 7 am
  • Non-denominational service 8:00 am
  • If needed, return to project and work until noon
  • Projected departure after lunch

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