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February 2020 Central Route Coordinator News

Greetings from The San Bernardino National Forest!

I returned from our “Face-to-Face” Board of Directors Meeting in Dallas, Texas, last week, where a number of items were brought to my attention. One of the topics of discussion concerns those riders who bring their dogs. Because there were dogs running loose last year, the BOD instituted a rule stating that all dogs must be on leash at all times. I hope this says enough about this topic.  I wouldn’t want any innocent dog (be it service, comfort, or other) to be sent home because his or her owner can’t abide by this edict.

Another change for this year involves our arrival in Arlington, Virginia, at the Holiday Inn. Due to limited parking space at the hotel, riders from all three routes are instructed to stay on their bikes. Those who have reservations at the Holiday Inn will be directed to the underground parking lot. Those who are staying at other hotels will be directed back onto the street to go to their respective hotels. This is all in an effort to avoid the problems we’ve had in past years.

As most of you are aware, 2019 was Rolling Thunder’s last year.  AMVETS will be hosting 2020’s Memorial Day Weekend Demonstration Ride named Rolling to Remember.  ( ) As of this writing, we have no detailed information about any RFTW involvement. Those of you who are planning to ride the Sand Box Route know that both events commence on Sunday.

The following information should be of concern to all our riders who plan to camp along the way. We are still looking for a Camping Coordinator. We are in need of an experienced rider who has camped with us enough to advise others about conditions in various campgrounds. For this valuable service, our Assistant Route Coordinator, Bruce Bartolomeo, has promised to donate half his RFTW salary. Please give him a call if you’d like to take advantage of his generous offer.

If you’ve been on the run for a number of years, and would like to take a leadership position to help guide our RFTW organization, there are three Board of Director positions opening up this summer.  To apply, submit your resume to Dave Klemme (Papa Smurf) at No Later than 31 March.

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Last item: What is the condition of YOUR motorcycle? I know some of you, like Barry, Bruce, Nick, and Mike have purchased new motorcycles for our 2020 run. But the rest of us need to make sure that we get our bikes into the shop to make sure they’re in top condition for 6000+ mile mission.  I trust you are all still working on your own personal health care goals, and will also be in your top condition by the time May arrives.

Richboy’s Bike. First Run was 2019.

Ride safely,
Tom (Boomps) Miller
Run for the Wall
Central Route Coordinator 2020