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Final SITREP Sandbox 2023

This is my final SITREP for RFTW Sandbox for 2023.

This was your media crew this year, F-Stop (l), Cupcake(r) and me.

Thank you for letting us photograph you, tell your stories and document the emotional and intense days. There were moments of pain, moments of happiness, moments of fun. There was camaraderie among friends and a willingness to share it all with each other.

Friends made here are friends for life. Let’s stay in touch.

It was our honor to be there.

Peppermint Patti
Never forget

“There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  John Holmes

P.S.  You know who you are. Thank you for what you did for our mutual friend. It was so very much appreciated. 💚💚💚

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