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FNG Story – Kristen Ranker

I had the privilege of joining this run for the first time this year in 2016. The idea was planted in my mind in 2015 from a few gentlemen I had met during Rolling Thunder.  They had me traveling across the country with no idea what exactly I was about to get myself into. Only the promise that it was an adventure that would open my eyes to ,many things, especially the treatment of our military service people.

I had a basic concept as I watched it and read about it numerous times, but this was entirely different and was worth the time I spent getting to know this group. Tough, rigid, well organized, and yet kind, caring, and complete awareness of why this Run means so much to so many. While on this trip, I had a rider ask me… why are you here? You aren’t even military. I wondered the same thing at first. But after several days and numerous conversations with others… it came down to this: I may not be military, but I believe that everyone who has made the commitment to protect and serve this country takes tremendous courage, and shows tremendous bravery and sacrifice, on so many levels.  Because of that… I am in awe and believe that these same individuals deserve my utmost respect and gratitude. It’s up to me to show it, and this event is a perfect way to do that.

I wondered why I was doing this, as I sat on my bike that morning in Ontario, CA. The answer: We ride for those who can’t. 2017 is fast approaching and I already feel the anticipation building. Looking forward to meeting more wonderful people and being part of something that makes a difference with all who have sacrificed.

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