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Join RFTW On Giving Tuesday – Help Continue The Mission

Run for the Wall® Continue The Mission

Help Run For The Wall Continue The Mission on Giving Tuesday!

Run For The Wall is taking part in the global 24-hour day of fundraising, Giving Tuesday, on Nov. 28, 2023! We hope you will join us to support the Run For The Wall Mission by donating to RFTW.

Share Your Generosity!

Share how you’re giving back on social media with hashtag #GivingTuesday #runforthewall and inspire others!

Run For The Wall® is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible. Lookup the Run for the Wall® – GuideStar Profile for detailed information on our organization.

No one left behind is more than a standard we all live up to. It is a way of life. It is part of our Mission. If you or someone you know find themselves struggling with their mental health, please know you can contact the VA Veteran’s Crisis Line by dialing 988 then press 1 or text 838255 and speak or chat with a qualified responder.

Let us remember to keep our focus on the Mission. It is why we ride!

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Pre-Run Meals in Ontario

Run for the Wall

The Ontario Elks Lodge #1419 is hosting pre-run RFTW meetings and gatherings this year.  To further support RFTW, they are preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for up to 300 people at each sitting.  This year, thanks to the intrepid Carol, we will have full meal support at our meeting location.  Tickets will be sold at the Elks Lodge, and they will also have a table at the Holiday Inn (time TBD).  Let’s do all we can to support their efforts in supporting us.  The menu is as follows:

Elks Lodge/RFTW Pre Run Menu and Prices
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Midway Route Update Concerning Shawnee Oklahoma

As you have heard, Shawnee Oklahoma was hit by an EF-2 tornado on Wednesday April 19th, 2023, just 30 days prior to RFTWs visit in May. Shawnee is Midway Routes Day 4/5 dinner, overnight stay, and morning staging and meeting.

Since then, RFTW Midway Route leadership has been in constant contact with our supporters and staff of the event locations.

There are still people and areas of Shawnee recovering from the damage. Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with them, and their recovery.  As we travel in and around Shawnee, we need to be especially sensitive to the recovery needs of the local community.

With the information received from our Shawnee contacts for dinner at the VFW, hotels, etc. RFTW Midway Route Leadership in cooperation with the Board of Directors have determined to continue with the “Original Scheduled Itinerary” for Shawnee OK.

We want to offer a huge thank you to the people of Shawnee for their continued support of RFTW. “Shawnee Strong, We Care.

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UPDATES for Attendees to Friday Evening Parade at Marine Barracks (Friday, May 26, 2023)

Please read this entire post/email.  Questions can be answered by

I suggest that you get to Marine Barracks by Uber, Taxi, etc,  and remember that you get back to your hotel on your own. Parking is extremely difficult near and around Marine Barracks and, if not careful,you can get a substantial parking ticket.

We will all meet at the corner of 8th & I St (SE) at 1900. Note that the address MUST include SE (South East). The Barracks will have someone come over to get us in as a group and get us seated.  DO NOT bring weapons of any type – you go through a metal detector and at the very least, weapons will be confiscated.  This is nothing new so go with the flow, please.

Inclement weather – rain will not necessarily cancel the parade so if it looks like rain, wear your rain suit/coat.Lightning will cause the parade to be cancelled.

They usually have water available but in small quantities.  Better to bring your own.

Some of you that signed up with me are not from RFTW.  I did not realize that at the time and assumed that you were with RFTW or someone in RFTW.  This is not a problem in any way and you’re more than welcome.  If anyone reading this wants to sit elsewhere than with the group, you need to go online to get your own tickets.  (You may have to cut and paste the link)

The Barracks is always excited and happy when we come.  We are a special group to them because of what RFTW represents. Please take the time to thank all of the Marines (that you can) for their Service to us all and for making our experience a memorable one.

I hope to see you all there or back at the Hotel or Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial for the group photo (0930) followed by our laying of a wreath and plaque at the apex of the Vietnam Wall.  We should have around 1500 or more for the photo.  For those of you not familiar with us – go to RFTW.US .  2023 is the 33rd year for the Run.

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Welcome New Board Member Jeremy Rousseau

Jeremy Rousseau

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Jeremy Rousseau is joining us as the new Secretary.  Jeremy brings a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to the BoD.  Although he doesn’t officially come on 1 September 2023, we recently started bringing new members on early so they can attend and observe meetings and be ready to hit the ground running when the time comes.

Welcome to the Bod, Jeremy!

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Important Update Concerning Midway Route – Shawnee, OK

As most of you have heard, Shawnee OK was hit by a tornado last night at about 10 PM – – just 14 hours ago. Shawnee, OK is Midway Routes Day 4/5 dinner, overnight stay, and morning staging and meeting.

Since early this morning RFTW and Midway Route leadership has been aware of this. The immediate concern is with the people of Shawnee, OK. Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with them and their recovery.

We know it is short notice, but please let Midway leadership work the issues. Once they have all the information together, hotels, dinner, etc. and can determine the appropriate actions for Shawnee & Midway Route, the riders, and all involved, we will communicate accordingly.


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Ontario Hotel Update

List of Available Rooms in Ontario

*An Ontario update from the venerable Carol O.
If you know someone looking for a room during our time in Ontario, the following is the list of the available rooms as of 4/3/2023

We have now booked 54.3% of our block of rooms and we have 19 days left before we close the block.

List of hotels and rooms booked/open:

  • BEST WESTERN PLUS (68.07% Booked) – Only (1) Room Available On Peak Nights
  • COMFORT SUITES (19.05% Booked) – Doubles & Kings Available On Peak Nights
  • EMBASSY SUITES (0.00% Booked) – All Doubles & Kings Available On Peak Nights
  • FOLK INN (44.16% Booked) – Doubles & Kings Available On Peak Nights
  • HOLIDAY INN (79.06% Booked) – Only Kings Available On Peak Nights
  • QUALITY INN (36.0% Booked) – Doubles & Kings Available On Peak Night
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Route Itineraries Now Available!

RFTW daily itinerary

Daily Itinerary Booklets Are Now Available For Download For All Routes.

Remember all FNG’s (first timers) will get a printed copy of the route itinerary booklet for their specific route at registration check-in. Also a limited number of printed booklets will be available for purchase at the RFTW merchandise trailers. But you can download a digital copy today using the links below.

Additional Important Documents

For your reference we have also provided links to critical information and safety briefing documents below.

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The Saga of Run For The Wall

FNG 2022

The Saga of Run For The Wall

By Lane “Boss” Post
USMC Vietnam Vet
FNG 2023 Central Route

Listen up patriots I’ve a story to share
About support, accounting, healing, and prayer
We honor the memory of those who did fall
In tribute to them we Run For The Wall.

From Ontario to DC together we ride
To remember and honor those who have died
One mission, four routes, ALL THE WAY is our chant
We ride to the wall for those who can’t.

The bikes roar to life and the journey begins
Ten days on the road in DC it ends
A formation of bikers five hundred strong
Platoon after platoon over two miles long!

One proud tradition since this ride began
Is the honored space open for one missing man
Surrounded by many and remembered by all
He escorts the names that we take to the wall.

Every overpass we ride under, every town we pass through
Are hundreds of supporters waving red, white, and blue
They donate the fuel that allows us to roll
They provide our meals and nourish our soul.

Day ten we arrive and approach that grave wall
Searching for names like Bob, John, or Paul
Thousands and thousands of names there engraved
They gave their lives that ours might be saved.

Freedom isn’t free as the wall will attest
Our freedom was paid for by some of our best
Put your hand on that wall and you might hear them say
For your tomorrow we gave our today.

Emotions run deep, tears they will flow
A healing takes place for a debt that we owe
So veterans and patriots come one come all
Join this great tribute as we Run For The Wall!