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Statement Regarding COVID-19

For Immediate Release:

Statement of the Board of Directors Re: Corona Virus (COVID-19)

We are still two months out from the start of RFTW XXXII. All of us have many questions about the COVID-19 virus, and precious few answers. This is a very fluid situation. By the time we’re ready to go Kick Stands Up the virus may well have run its course, much like the normal flu viruses we’ve dealt with every year. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s possible we could be confined in quarantine zones throughout the country and subject to severe travel restrictions. Most likely, we’ll find ourselves somewhere in between. As of now, we simply have no way of knowing.

The Board of Directors is following the situation closely. At this time, we are still planning to conduct the Run as we always have. As a precaution, we have asked the Route Coordinators to develop contingency plans in the event any of our normal visits (schools, VA hospitals, community gatherings, etc.) are closed to us. We will continue to monitor events and make decisions as circumstances dictate. These will be announced to our ridership in a timely manner. In the meantime, we ask each of you to…

  • Be patient and remain calm.
  • Avoid speculating on social media… unsubstantiated rumors are not helpful.
  • Plan for the Run to be conducted as usual, unless you hear otherwise from the Board of Directors or your Route Coordinators.
  • Keep your plans flexible and be prepared for the unexpected.

For the Board of Directors,

Les Williams, President