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Ian “Whiskey Chaser” Hargest

Name: Ian R. Hargest
Road Name: Whiskey Chaser
FNG Year: 2016
How many All the Way: Central Route, All The Way, 2016, 2018, 2019

What is your favorite Run for the Wall memory?
My dad, who was my inspiration for all I do to support our service-members and Veterans.  I visited with him in 2016 after my FNG run.  The looks on his face as I shared the multitude of experiences, both with the public and fellow Riders, I had while on The Run.  Learning later, after he passed in late 2017, that he’d worn something that I’d gotten for him from The Run nearly every day.

Positions held as a volunteer on the Run? Rider, Tail Gunner
Military Background if any or relationships with Military: Father, Uncles, friends
Gold Star or Blue Star family member? No
What got you to do the RFTW the first time?
I moved from VA to NV and had no way to get back to DC to continue paying my respects
What brought you back?
RFTW is family.  The Mission.  Being able to help our servicemembers, veterans and their families heal in any way that I can.
Have you participated in Rolling Thunder?
Yes, in previous years, both before and after joining RFTW.
Are you planning on Rolling to Remember (AMVETS Replacement for Rolling Thunder)?

Brief Synopsis of “WHY YOU RIDE”

  • I ride in RFTW to support our service-members, veterans and their families.  I get much more from the ride than I give, which is not insignificant.  I enjoy the opportunities to help those for whom we ride.  On the ride home, as with the rest of the year, I enjoy being an unofficial RFTW ambassador with those members of the public who express interest in the organization and its mission.

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