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Kevin “SPEEDBUMP” Bowman

Name: Kevin Bowman

Road Name: Speed Bump

FNG Year: 2016

How many All the Way/Participant? 4

What is your favorite Run for the Wall memory? My favorite memory… wow…My favorite memory would have to be how I have come to know so many of the RFTW participants! My FNG years was a very tough year. My buddy Edwin and I both went down in an accident just outside of Topeka KS. We licked our wounds for a couple days trying to sort out our bikes. Once we figured out a plan for the Bikes, we rented a car and drove almost 24 hours straight to catch up with the Pack. It was very important to Edwin and I to continue the Mission! We caught up with the Pack and ran ahead to watch everyone come into Rainelle WV to the School. The warm welcome and the amazement that we got from everyone in our Platoon was overwhelming! I was right then and there, given a Patch with my road name on it…. Speed Bump!! I couldn’t believe they had already had a patch made! Edwin and I followed the Pack the remaining 2 days of the Run, on into Washington DC! What was even more amazing is on Saturday Morning, Terry and Christy Ray (Some VERY Amazing People in the Trike Platoon) had found a couple of Trike Riders that were willing to let Edwin and I ride as Co-Riders into Arlington for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. So, Edwin and I both were able to COMPLETE THE MISSION!!!

The patch!!!!
Kevin and Edwin with Tigger After Catching up with the pack

Positions held as a volunteer on the Run? Assistant Platoon Leader 2019, Platoon Leader for 2020

Military Background if any or relationships with Military? I was not in the Military. My Father in Law was/is a Retired Senior Master Sargent in the Air Force…. I worked at Sheppard Air Force Base from 1977 until 1989 and then moved to Arizona in January 1990 and worked at Williams Air Force Base from Jan 1990 until October 1991. Government shut the best weather Flight Training Base in the country down for budget cuts. I got to work with some incredible retired Air Force Aircraft Mechanics for 14 years!! I was a T37 and T38 Aircraft Mechanic for 9 of these years and I was an Instrument Flight Training Instructor for 5 years in the T38. So, I wasn’t IN the Military but man did I get to hang out with some GREAT folks!!

Gold Star or Blue Star family member? No

What got you to do the RFTW the first time? My buddy Edwin Musto from New Zealand is the guy that told me about RFTW. Edwin called one day in 2015 and said he was going to come to the US to ride in RFTW. That is how I found out about it! I did some research and WOW!!! I was IN!!

Kevin and Edwin

What brought you back? It gets in your BLOOD!

Have you participated in Rolling Thunder? NO

Are you planning on Rolling to Remember (AMVETS Replacement for Rolling Thunder)? No doing Sandbox Route

Brief Synopsis of “WHY YOU RIDE” See Military Background above…I was not in the Military, but I was a snot nose 18 year old kid that got hired right out of High School to work at Sheppard Air Force Base. ALL of the guys I worked with back in 1977 were from either the Korean War or Vietnam War. Lots of these guys had seen it ALL and DONE it ALL. I loved all of the guys SO much as they taught me the value of Brotherhood, Teamwork and Friendship. I listened to their stories over and over again throughout my young adult life even though I may have heard the story 10 times before. I ride to honor all of these guys that touched my life. I was a very fortunate teenager, I had about 25 Father Figures over the 14 years at Sheppard Air Force Base!

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