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Merchandise Happenings

Well folks, as of this writing we’re 29 days from the start of the 34th annual Run For the Wall! This will be my final newsletter in preparation for the Run and I wanted to share several things with you.

First off, there is a 50% off closeout sale happening now thru the end of April on the Support Our Troops Red Shirt and USA Map patch. Quantities on both are limited so take advantage of these savings while supplies last.

Some other exciting news I’m happy to share with you is that we have purchased a brand-new trailer for the Central Route and we’re in the process of rolling out new artwork on all our trailers. This new artwork (refer to the image) has been designed with a focus on our mission. There are high contrast colors and backgrounds to enhance the messaging and make Run For the Wall and why we ride stand out. Some new additions include incorporating the Middle East Conflicts Memorial, our mission statement and adding a QR code that will take you directly to our website. This year you’ll see the new artwork on the Midway Route and Central Route trailers so look for them when you’re in Ontario or anywhere on the Run!

As we get closer to KSU the Store is in the midst of an inventory transition to CA to ensure the merchandise ready to be loaded into the trailers. As a result, you may find some products on the website showing no availability. While I’m doing what I can to ensure there is enough stock on hand, there may be an isolated case or two where the Store is out. Please be sure to check out the trailers as it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

Regarding orders, I wanted to provide some insight into how your orders are processed. All shirts and head gear (hats, doo rags, bandanas, etc.) are drop shipped directly from our supplier. Everything else comes from our internal warehouse. So, for those of you that order items that include both shirts/head gear and say patches, stickers, pins, etc., they will come in two shipments. Shipments from the supplier happen twice a week, typically on Mondays and Thursdays. I try to send out everything else within 24 hours following your order. There may be times where this is a delay due to me being away and I will do my best to communicate to you if there are changes in processing orders. I have received emails on why only part of an order was received so I hope this helps clarify the process. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime about issues, questions, or comments. I am always reachable by email at or by phone. My phone number is listed under the Board of Directors on the website.

Finally, a few important things to note when buying merchandise from the trailers.

  1. There is a no smoking policy within 50’ of the trailers. This is to protect the sales team as well as the merchandise in the trailers.
  2. There is a no refund or exchange policy once you leave the trailer. I know that shirts sometimes are hard to tell what size fits so if you’re unsure, try it on at the trailer. You’ll have to put it over what you’re currently wearing but that will at least give you an idea of whether you feel it will fit or not vs. just buying it and walking away to later find out the size is wrong. Of note, women’s shirts tend to be fitted so you may consider sizing up one size for a looser fit. The Lilac 3XL shirt is the one exception because this comes from a different manufacturer so by design it’s a looser fit.
  3. We accept cash or credit card. No personal or travelers’ checks will be accepted.
  4. There is no sales tax on the merchandise we sell.
  5. There will be the ability to make cash or credit card donations. Keep in mind that donations go into the general Run For The Wall fund. There is not currently a way to specify a specific cause or Route for directing the money.

I hope this newsletter finds you well and wish everyone safe travels on their way to Ontario or wherever you may be picking up the Run. Stop by and say hi. I will be around the trailers Friday thru Sunday. Monday, I pick up my photographer role and will be shooting pics as the Central Route photographer.

Best regards,

Alan “Xbox” Steiner
Director of Merchandise
Board of Directors

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