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Message from Nick “Richboy” Hentges, Director of Public Relations/Communications

Run for the Wall - We Ride For Those Who Can't

Aloha and Greetings Run for the Wall Family,
As I am sure everyone has figured out by now, we had to make the tough decision to cancel RFTW 2020. We have put together a Virtual Run Section on our Website ( This site should be up and Running by the end of the day, Monday, May 11th 2020. Here you will find Daily Virtual Sit Reps from each Route as well as photo galleries from last year’s Run.
We will also be adding Video content to the area, so if you have good videos of the Run, Send them to and we can try and get them up on our YouTube page and our website. ). Be sure to Visit the RFTW Store while you are there and check out some amazing deals on 2020 Merchandise.

Just because the Run has been cancelled does not mean our Mission of Healing and support ( must be cancelled. There are many ways to “Charlie Mike”. There are some ideas below on how to do that in addition to many great ideas our riders have had on their own.

We have added a link to Bios of fallen Service Members (compiled by Midway Route personnel). Ken “Sixstring” Dugas has challenged everyone (if safe and Legal) to download and Print a Bio and ride to a Veteran’s Memorial or Veteran’s home and get a photo of you with your bio and submit it (See website for info on how to submit).
There is also a Challenge/Quest that Bob “Captain America” Nelson came up with. See more information on the website.
Another great idea from Kris “Eyes” Wood is to simply do “Buddy Checks” on friends and neighbors during this trying time.

Below is a Message from the President of the BOD for Run for the Wall as well as a bit of information concerning the Store and Pre-Registration for 2021.

From Les “Easy” Williams

As I write this today, I am profoundly sad that Connie and I are not on our way to Ontario for the 32nd annual RFTW. Each year we have left on the Friday before kickstands up to enjoy the pre-run activities and experience the rewards of hundreds of folks who plan Run for the Wall for an entire year. It has always fascinated me to watch how well this complex mission works. But yet here we are, postponed until RFTW 2021.
I have come to realize that we are not in control of the invisible enemy which has caused our postponement. For our veterans and supporters who endure freezing temperatures, blazing heat, dehydration, snow, wild thunderstorms, hail, lightning, and tornadoes to accomplish our mission – this is a hard pill to swallow!
We do these things because our dedication to mission is heartfelt and bone marrow deep in each and everyone one of us. I know and you know Run For The Wall’s 32nd annual mission will be accomplished because your dedication to this mission is steadfast and enduring.
While we wait for another year of, “Is it may yet” the Board of Directors and Route Coordinator’s wanted to create a virtual RFTW to keep the mission ideals close to your hearts. With the hard work of Communications Director, Nick Hentges and Webmaster, Ted Kapner that vision has been completed. We know this will not be a substitute for the actual Run, but it should make your hearts lighter while bringing a smile to your faces. Cheer up we have many more ideas that will lift up everyone’s spirits coming your way throughout the summer. God Bless you all and stay safe.

Les “Easy” Williams
President, RFTW, Inc

Pre-Registration for 2021 will be opening back up later this summer. Save Money by Registering and Paying online. This also assists greatly in planning for next year. If you already registered and Paid for 2020, this will roll over to 2021. More info below.

All riders that have pre-registered for 2020 will automatically roll into the 2021 pre-registration database, whether you pre-paid or selected to pay at your sign-in location.
Changes that need to be made on your existing form (new bike, updated expiration dates on license, insurance, route change, etc.) should be directed to the newly established Contact Form category “RFTW 2020 – Registration Revisions.”    ONLY CHANGES TO YOUR FORM should go this category. The registration team will monitor these contact emails, revise your existing form and re-send it to you. We will do this until the cut-off date in April 2021.
If you see that you will NOT be participating in the 2021 Run, please complete a “Contact Form” under the same category and advise us.   We will then delete your registration, so that accurate participant numbers can be obtained.   This is critical information to the Route Coordinators, so please contact us if you are unable to go.
Refunds—because of the PayPal time limit for issuing refunds, many registrations cannot be refunded.  We are asking that you NOT request a refund if you know for sure that you’re unable to go in 2021.   If you are outside the time window, then there is nothing we can do through PayPal.
Donations—the monies that have been paid towards registration will stay as such for 2021.   Many of you have already stated that you want to donate the registration money for this year and pay, again, next year.   Those who would like to donate to the 2021 general fund to offset the 2020 expenses, can do so by the “Donate” button on the website:   We truly appreciate the support we’ve already seen

One final note

The RFTW store is offering a 25% discount on all 2020 Dated Merchandise. Please support the Run by helping us sell this dated inventory. It will make for a great collector’s item.

Last but not least, My personal Thanks to the BOD, Route Coordinators, State Coordinators, and all of our volunteers for dealing with the cancellation of the Run for 2020 and their continued work to make 2021 better than ever. Special Thanks to Ted “Boots” Kapner (RFTW Webmaster) for all of his expert help during these difficult times.