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Tuesday, May 12, 2020 DAY 0

Jim “Hoofer” McCrain

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Ontario, California

(Adapted by Jim “Hoofer” McCrain, from “A Visit from St. Nicholas”)



‘Twas the night before the Mission, when all through the house

Every creature was stirring, even a Guy named Mouse!

The saddle bags were packed with the utmost of care,

Because we know that the Roads Guards soon will be there!


The FNGs should have been snuggled up in their beds

But visions of miles danced in their heads.

But the RC and ARC, in their RFTW cap

Would not settle down, though they needed the nap!


In the sunrise-lit parking lot, there arose such a clatter

That I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

Adrenaline flowed as I rushed to my bike

“I’m sure it is here.  I parked it next to a Trike!”


I found the huge beast, just where I had left it,

I stuffed all my gear, I’m surprised I could heft it!

Panic rose up as I looked at the fuel tank,

In all of my haste, did I remember to fill it?


But then to my relief, a Tailgunner walked by.

“Take a deep breath.” was what he did cry.

“Your bike looks just fine, go get something to eat.

But hurry right back, we have people to meet.”


I ate just a bite, my nerves were in tatters.

“Just follow the directions of the guys in the Hatters”

The staging Crew got me to where I should be

Hey what do you know?  I am in Platoon Three!


A whistle was blown, so we moved to the stage

It’s still pretty early; I can feel my age!

But everyone is smiling and hugging and laughing

My nerves have calmed down, even while we are massing.


The briefings are started and attention is paid

The route is explained, as our plains are all laid.

Two pretty young Ladies lead us in “The Pledge”

A chaplain prays over us: “Protect every head.”


With a salute to Old Glory, and a band that will play,

We listen to speeches.  We have started our day.

The Board of Directors, they wish us all well,

Then the Routes break apart, this waiting is HELL!


It’s time to start riding, let’s get this thing going!

The Mission is here, our hearts are all glowing.

Another horn blows and a motor is started,

It’s Here!  It’s Here!   It’s time we departed!


Then up from the front a flag starts to twirl,

The bikes in the front, they’re beginning to whirl.

As we pass under a flag, the crowd roars with a cheer

“Be Safe all you Riders!  We will see you next year!”


And so it begins, this Run For The Wall,

May it bring Healing, and Love, and Peace to you all!