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Midway Route Coordinator News – April 2019

Fellow Participants,

We are a month and a half away from departure. I for one am in great anticipation for this year’s mission. We have great leadership assisting in various roles, State Coordinators and Assistance preparing for our arrival.

I received some good news about Hopewell VA, they do not want us to change our plans. How grateful can you be for a wonderful town and group of people despite their tragic losses. We should reflect on our blessings and to be blessed to bless others. This makes the mission all the more important.

The Ontario Itinerary is posted and yes it is correct. Only one-half hour for FNG meeting, but more will be covered in the “Mandatory” Safety Meeting that follows the FNG Meeting. I would like leadership to think of this half-hour as a meet-n-greet time. A time to shake hands and welcome the participants.

Last year’s Midway Route Coordinator, Mike “Bandit” Huber and his bride, Melanie “Sassie” Huber have donated and will be auctioning two steers for RFTW Midway fundraising.

The auction will be on Monday, May 13th at 5 p.m. at the Gateway Hotel in Ontario for two whole steers. Mike “Bandit” Huber will be the auctioneer.

Proceeds will go to Falcon, N. C., Children’s Home and Milan, New Mexico, Elementary School hosts to RFTW Midway Route. The steers will be auctioned separately and the money raised will go to the school designated for each steer. Cost of processing/shipping is above winning bid and is the responsibility of winning bidder(s). There’s even an option of leaving the steers on the ranch to live out a PC, non-life threatening existence and just donating the money.

Riders and support are all encouraged to form up some creatively-named teams and join in the bidding fun while raising money for our future leaders!

The parade for the Marine Corp Barracks parade is posted to the RFTW website.Check the website for details.

See you all very soon, in the meantime be safe and God Bless!

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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1 thought on “Midway Route Coordinator News – April 2019

  1. Hello Glenn, Getting packed and ready to meet you. Couldn’t pull up your email.
    Two quick questions. Platoon placement. I would prefer to not ride side by side. Not afraid but after 200,000 miles on a m/c, 90% of which was alone, just not use to riding with others. Should I just bring this up when I sign in.
    Second: I DO NOT want to be placed with new riders. I didn’t know I had been last year and it got to be very confusing. It was only on the second day of the ride that a tail runner pointed this out to me. One young woman was over her head with a bike to large for her.
    Again, should I bring this up when I sign in.
    Met Saturday with an FNG who will be joining us in Asheville. He’s from South Carolina and I was able to answer some questions. He’s a Vietnam Vet, but pre-build up, 64-65. Nice guy.
    Is it May yet. I plan to introduce myself first thing, as well as the state representatives.

    Robert C. “Pitch” Peurifoy