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Midway Route Coordinator News – October 2019

Hello Midway Family!

As always, I pray that all is well with you and your families.  I would like to give you my latest updates for our 2020 Midway route.

Our leadership team is now listed on the Midway hub .  Please review the list and let me know if there are any additions or changes that need to be made.  I am pleased that our leadership teams are almost complete. However, we would like to have a few more people for our fuel team and our road guard team.

My RC video is now posted on the Midway hub.  As many of you know, I had issues accepting the RC position because I am not a veteran.  I always felt that a veteran should be the one addressing the communities we visit.  With that said, I will do my best to represent you veterans well.  I hope you are pleased with the video and my representation of all of you and our Midway route.

We do have a few changes to the route.  Our Fayetteville night will be moved to Smithville, NC.  This will eliminate the backtracking we had to do from Fayetteville.  This change is confirmed and finalized.  Another change will be a move from Ashland, VA to Hopewell.  This change will eliminate the long ride to the hotel from Hopewell to Ashland.  There are a few details being worked on to finalize this change.

I am pleased to announce that we will be adding a visit to two VA hospitals in Tennessee as well as a wreath laying ceremony and visit to the museum in Lebanon, TN.  These additions will be visited by break out platoons. Lebanon will also be donating a fuel stop for us.

I want to thank all of you who have supported our Seymour Johnson AFB “Riding the Runway” patch fundraiser.  So far, we have raised over $2,900.00 towards our fuel stops from this patch!

The RFTW brick paver we purchased for the Stafford Air & Space Museum is completed.  It should be installed soon.

I asked the BOD for approval to add the KIA/WIA logo to the website to be included with the POW/MIA logo.  I am grateful for their approval and it has been added to the website.  Now that we have the Sandbox route, I thought this was another good step to help join the older and newer generation warriors together.

The route is getting close to finalization.  I thank our State Coordinators and all of you for your support and efforts.

Have I told you lately…………………  I Love my Midway Family!


Ken Dugas
2020 Midway Route Coordinator