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Midway Route Coordinator Newsletter – July 2021

Greetings RFTW family!

I hope you all had a great Independence Day holiday. I sure did. I had a pleasant visit from our old friends Mark “Diesel” Breland and Daryl “Top” Neil and their better halves Charlene and Kathy. It was a great time hanging out at the pool with these two past Route Coordinators and great RFTW supporters. I am so ready to get our RFTW family back together for 2022!

With that said, we must get our leadership and support teams built for 2022. I sent emails out to everyone I had on our list for 2021 asking to reply if you have plans to return in 2022. Unfortunately, I did not get many replies. It is important that we know ASAP if you will, or will not be returning for 2022. I know that it is still a long time till next May but our plans require work all year long. It is okay if you cannot give a definitive answer at this time but, if that is the case, please let me know that so we can put you down as questionable. Letting me or your team leader know ASAP would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. I do hope you all can return to our team.

Our Tennessee State and Assistant Coordinators, along with about a dozen other RFTW riders decided to ride the July 4th reunion route that was cancelled. As always, Cookeville was very supportive and happy to see them. They were given VIP seating for the BIG fireworks show and they all had a great time.

The new stop that we had planned for the reunion was at the Sunbright Veteran’s Memorial. The group went there and were greeted by the founder, Vietnam veteran, Charles Webb and his wife JoAnn. The group presented them a Flag donated by TN. US. Representative John Rose, with the certificate showing that it was flown over the US Capital in honor of RFTW to present to Sunbright Veterans Memorial.
It took 10 years for this small town to build the memorial. I was told that they were so happy to see representatives from RFTW there, that it brought tears to their eyes. The riders were very impressed with this stop. Plans are being worked on to see if we can incorporate this memorial as a breakout from Cookeville. We shall see…..

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that we recently lost two of our RFTW family members. Joel “Polar Bear” Brown, our NM Assistant State Coordinator and Jeff “Breeze” Starks, former Ambassador leader. Please keep them and their family in your prayers. They will be missed.

On a positive note, Will Schaeffler, son of Southern Route’s Arizona State Coordinator, Lori Ann “Leggs” Schaeffler, was in a horrible accident and his survival was in doubt. Fortunately, Will is doing better.   The Road to Recovery will be a long one.  Bills still need to be paid and his home will need some modifications to assist his rehab once he is allowed to go home. 
If you would like to help Will’s Family, Lori said you can send donations directly to her.  There are two ways: Zelle to or Apple Pay to 520-490-7612.  Any amount will make a difference. 

Have I told you lately?……………………….I love my RFTW family!
Is it May yet?

Honor, Hope & Healing
Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator