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Hope all had a great Thanksgiving with both family and friends!  I know Ruby and I did visiting with my 93 year old mother and other family members.  Sorry for being late with this newsletter, but Ruby retired and we have moved into our fifth wheel and traveled from California to Mississippi SO FAR.

I need to remind all that our promotion for the Army/Navy game and the $1000.00 cash drawing is coming to a close on 1 December.  MAKE YOUR DONATION—NOW–DON’T MISS OUT!!!

Registration is ongoing with 115 registered so far.  I would encourage everyone to register before the fees increase on 1 Feb, 2024.  Our FNG Coordinator, Roger Ford, is preparing a  zoom meeting for the FNGs in early December.  Be on the lookout for the announcement of the date, time, and zoom link on both the website and face book.

The hotels and itinerary will be finalized soon.  There are several hotel changes so don’t try to get ahead of the publication for action.  One example is a new host hotel in Shawnee!!!  Itinerary changes are being solidified such as a new fuel stop in Memphis, Tx.

Cherry girl has been in contact with the Wilson Elementary Principal, Ashley Fisher, in Crawford, Tn for a Midway Pen Pal opportunity.  Principal Fisher suggested the best way to start the pen pal process would be for any riders wishing to participate to email her directly at: with the following information:
Mailing Address
Rider request IE:  Any certain grade level from 3 thru 8.

She would then select and assign a student who would correspond with the rider to initiate the ongoing communication.


It is with a heavy heart that we report the loss of one of our Midway Route Riders.  “Curly” (Phoebe) is the daughter of one of our Road Guards, Tim “Big Bopper” Bannister.  In 2022, “Bopper” and “Curly” rode the Midway Route and then also the Sandbox Route” together.  Sharing RFTW with her Father was one of Curly’s “Bucket List” items.  At the time of her FNG Run, she had been battling cancer for five years.  It was an honor for us, the Midway Route Riders, to help her fulfill this dream.  She brought so much joy to us all, and to see this father and daughter duo together was amazing.

But as much joy as we had sharing this dream with them, it meant even more to Curly and Bopper.  In a letter that Tim shared with us this year, Curly wrote: “You will never know what a difference you made in my life.  That week I felt like I was part of something much bigger than myself and my problems.  I forgot about the cancer for the first time since I’d been diagnosed.  Life’s worries melted away as I focused on the mission.  I loved every moment of the journey and every one of you that was on it.”

The Midway Route would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Bannister Family, and we Thank them for allowing us to get to know and love such a courageous and loving Young Lady.
We love our Midway Route Family!


I have been in contact with our Outreach Team Lead to discuss ways to recognize our fallen from year to year.  There will be more to come on this IN UPCOMING NEWSLETTERS..

In closing, I would again ask you to register early, volunteer for a leadership position, and participate in the ongoing promotions.  Without you and your participation our ability to make donations across our Route will not be possible!!


Route Coordinator
RFTW-Midway Route

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